Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Something Witchy This Way Comes... (Lindy Bop)

I've been meaning to expand my fall/Halloween wardrobe ever since we moved in June and I realized how nice my Christmas/winter collection had become and how wimpy my spooky attire was. Sure, Christmas and winter is my favorite time of year, but I also love Halloween time and love everything spoopy!

Then I got an email from Lindy Bop promoting their newest fall styles and my eyes landed on this Bletchley Mustard Polka Dot Shirt Dress and I swooned. I loved that though it was definitely in the right color scheme (bronze-y orange-y brown and black for Halloween, of course!), because it's just a polka dot shirt dress, I could also wear it year-round and it wouldn't be totally out of place.

I will warn you that the image on the website (the one with the model in the dress) makes it look more orange/mustard than it is in person. I tried to edit these photos so that the color is accurate to how it is in real life, but the stock images on the site are pretty close.

However, despite that, I still love it. I sized up to a US large as I knew there wasn't stretch and I didn't want the buttons to gape (and even though these photos make it seem as though it gapes, it really doesn't. I just failed to straighten myself out after setting up my shots - ugh!). I am glad I did as the large fits PERFECTLY. I love the black collar and sleeve accents and am so happy to report the sleeves are roomy enough for my chubby uppers and I don't feel restricted whatsoever! I can move my arms freely in all directions! Hooray!

Naturally, I wore my BAIT Footwear booties and this vintage brooch that has a major Halloween vibe to it to bring this to the right Halloween level. But you know, I can't wait to style it with more COLOR. I know this bronze hue would look so good paired with my teal BAIT Footwear heels and jewelry.

So hi! Yes, I am sort of back from my blogging hiatus. Things in the Patnaude household have been hard lately. I am not ready to share more than that right now but, someday, I think I will share our story as I know it would help so many people.

I appreciate everyone being so cool with the unexpected blog break (though many of you may not have even been aware as I kept things pretty close to the chest and posted about it once on Instagram and Facebook). I've definitely had to go easy on myself and stop expecting so much from myself with the blog and social media.

It felt good to get back into the swing of things with this post (and another one coming next week featuring some yummy Nestle Tollhouse goodies), but I am definitely taking it week by week and will be practicing cutting myself some slack as we navigate through this unexpected challenge that landed in our laps. It's great to create content if I want to or feel the inspiration to, but sometimes you just don't have the energy to and that is okay!

So stay tuned, my peanuts. I will return!