Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spooky Kitty (Andrea Makes Things)

It's September 18th - too soon for spooky attire? You know what? Don't answer that. Rhetorical question. It's NEVER too soon for spooky attire!

Now that we're in my favorite time of year (all the months that end in "ber"), it is ON! I am in full fall mode, almost in full holiday mode, and I frankly don't care to hear your arguments or opinions if their sole purpose is to try to convince me it's "too early."

NAH, FRIEND, IT'S NOT! You have every right to love summer and not celebrate a holiday until the week before it happens, but I will kick off my favorite time of year the way I want and if it's rocking this spooky kitty skirt from Andrea Makes Things (one of my favorite Etsy shops), then so be it!

I met Andrew at Viva East a year or so ago, where she had a tent at the car show and was selling her handmade skirts. I bought an adorable gray and black gingham skirt covered in small daisies and immediately followed her shop on Insta and Etsy.

Fast forward to this past summer, where both Andrea and I were back at Viva East. I had every intention to shop at her stand again but Saturday was a whirlwind with getting ready for the Darling Dames Pinup Pageant, competing in said pageant, and then winning 2nd place in the pageant! It was a crazy afternoon and by the time I had gotten to eat a very late lunch with my family and friends and had a moment to go walk around the car show, the vendors were packing up!

I caught Andrea before she left and even though I didn't get to buy a skirt from her, I got to give her a hug, catch up a bit, and introduce her to Jen, who I knew would love Andrea's skirts as well. We said goodbye with promises to shop online and parted ways.

Well when Andrea shared teasers of what she had planned for Halloween, I didn't hesitate to order one of these skirts. I love the bright orange (didn't I say orange was my color lately??) with the sassy black cats hanging out on fence posts all along the border.

There's nothing like a good border print, am I right?

I plan to wear this skirt (along with my candy-covered Bernie Dexter dress) on rotation for the next month or so leading up to Halloween. I definitely need to add more spooky attire to my wardrobe - Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to dress up for, after all!

What's your favorite holiday to dress up for? Do you have a favorite outfit?