Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Creamsicle (Hearts & Found)

Holy crap, it's September! Where did the summer go? Wow, that was a fast one! I figured this is the perfect time to share the second Hearts & Found dress I ordered for my birthday earlier this summer as it totally gives off some school teacher vibes with the gingham and pussy bow collar and we all know the kiddos (and their teachers) are back to school now!

Orange is a new favorite color of mine, it seems. I never thought twice about it but this summer I have been rocking a lot more orange and when deciding which Hearts & Found dresses I wanted for my birthday, this orange Bonnie dress totally spoke to me for some reason.

There is something so classically charming about the bow-tied high neck like this. It's very vintage and very feminine even though it's an extremely modest style. Surely, one doesn't need to be busting out of their blouse to be pretty/attractive/appealing. And I love how this style shows that.

I'm about to have an extremely busy month so all I can do is buckle up and be ready for takeoff. Do you ever look at your calendar and wonder how the heck so much got added to it? That happened to my September. I have 2 photo shoots mid-month that I look forward to, Red and Jimmy's gender reveal party, multiple work events, and various appointments and commitments that I've had to find space for throughout the month.

How does that happen? My August was fairly calm - everyone just wanted September to happen, I guess!

Most of the things on deck are GOOD things (and a few of them being  REALLY GREAT things!) but man, I will be drained after it's all said in done. But it is the start of my favorite season so the faster we get to October the better, in my eyes!

Oh, you're not ready for fall? SORRY NOT SORRY! I know we've got a couple weeks until fall officially begins but there is nothing wrong with enjoying the change of seasons, looking forward to the change in the weather, and getting ready to decorate the crap out of the new house! I AM SO EXCITED!

So, my little peanuts, what kind of fall things ARE you looking forward to (regardless of whether or not you're enjoying the last bits of summer in the meantime)?