Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Party Animals (Hearts & Found)

I am very anti-birthday and would so rather skip over my birthday and celebrate someone else's than have eyes on me or have anyone make a fuss. That being said, I don't mind splurging on a birthday present to myself every year.

What? I'm not a monster!

This year, I decided to order two new Hearts & Found dresses. Hearts & Found is one of my favorite shops to order form as you can customize the length of the garment when you order to ensure it's the right fit for you. This is MAJOR for short gals such as myself. So often I order a skirt or dress and it's a couple inches too long on me. Then I either get my gal, Jen, to do a quick hem for me or I just tolerate it as is.

I love ordering from Hearts & Found because I can choose what length I want the skirt to be and know it'll be perfect for my petite frame! You can also order custom measurements too but I found I fit pretty perfectly in their size large. Because of the customization, there can be a bit of a wait for your order but as long as your patience, your beauties arrive at your door in careful wrapping with precious and thoughtful details.

I've talked about it before but I am happy to invest in brands that fit me right and Hearts & Found is definitely one of them. I have previously ordered a skirt and a dress from them and found them so easy to wear (I can just pull on my yellow and white sundress on hot days and am good to go - no fuss necessary!) and made with such good quality fabric (talk about SOFT!), it is so easy to justify the money spent and is so worth the wait for them to arrive!

I've spotted this fun fabric on a few other gals in other styles (LOVE how Hearts & Found makes a variety of cuts and styles in their fabrics so you can order your favorite print in the style that suits you best!) and always thought it was adorable. When I spotted it in a shirt dress style, I went for it.

I also LOVE how the sleeves have adorable ties on them so I can easily tie them looser if they are a tight squeeze on my chubby uppers. That is typically the risk when ordering something with sleeves but no fear needed here! Kaching!

This dress arrived in perfect time as well - I am totally wearing it to Red's gender reveal party in September. I get to be the Keeper of the Gender (no one knows but the sonogram lady and me!) and am in charge of stuffing balloons into a big box to surprise her and her husband with the sex of their baby. Quite appropriate to do so in a balloon covered dress, no?

Have you ever ordered from Hearts & Found before?