Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Oh, Caterina (Collectif)

There are only a few events in the year that I get excited about - Christmas is first and foremost, followed by the illusive Brimfield Show that comes around just 3 times a year, and, last but not least, Collectif's big end of season sales.

I mean, I am sure there are more to be added to that list but whenever I see Collectif announce the start of their 50% off EVERYTHING sale (which typically happens at the end of summer and end of winter), I get giddy with excitement.

I love nothing more than a great deal on clothes. Clothes are expensive - especially when you dress primarily in vintage reproduction like I do. Sure, I can buy fast fashion or shop only on Amazon (and I am so not knocking anyone who does!), but for the good quality dresses that will last a long time and fit really well, it can cost a pretty penny. With my short torso, there are a few brands that fit the best and I will, of course, invest money with them if that means I will feel better in their clothes vs a different brand who does not flatter me whatsoever.

So when brands like Collectif put on a huge sale like this, I stock up. It's how I add to my collection without breaking the bank. Don't believe me? Well, this month when they had their end of summer sale, I bought this Watermelon Caterina dress in addition to a cardigan and a blouse all for a price lower than the dress was originally. HOW DO YOU BEAT THAT?

Anyway, if the name of the dress looks familiar it's because I already own 2 dresses in the Caterina style (remember how I said I'll invest in brands that fit me perfectly? Same applies to a style of dress - if it looks fantastic, I'm gonna get it in as many colorways and patterns that it comes in!). While it's a bit on the long side, the Caterina dress is one of my favorite styles on me and fits perfectly every time. They're comfortable, pretty, and easy to throw on and style.

I was drooling over this version since it came out in the spring but held off as I wasn't buying anything new (house hunting and all). I crossed my fingers it'd still be in stock for the big sale and when they announced the sale, I immediately went to the site to track it down. Obviously, it was still in stock as I am wearing it here and I am pleased as punch!

It's funny. I don't particularly enjoy watermelon (pineapple and strawberries are my favorites) but I seem to have many pieces of clothing with watermelon prints on them. What can I say? Watermelons make for an adorable print. But I'd say that about any food, really...

Also, look at me having INDOOR photo shoots! If you haven't guessed, this is in my new house and it's one of my favorite spots in the entire house. Though it's technically a 3 season porch, it is off our kitchen and has become my very own retro diner. How could it NOT be with those floors?! It's a bit sparse right now (besides the cool table we found online and some of our wedding decor re-purposed),  I plan to slowly curate it over time to resemble a retro diner. Brimfield Show, here I come! Mama's got some diner antiques to find!

Did you shop the sale this time around? Get anything good?