Wednesday, July 24, 2019

We All Scream For... (Custom Playsuit by Button Button)


Yeah, you're seeing things properly - I am an ice cream cone of delight and whimsy from head to toe! This incredible two-piece playsuit was created for me by the amazingly talented Miss Clara Button of Button, Button for my fifteen minutes of fame in the Darling Dames Pinup Pageant at this year's Viva East weekender in Boxborough, MA.

For those who haven't been following for long, I somehow managed to sneak into the Top 12 for the Viva East Miss Darling Dames Contest, scoring a chance to work it on stage with 11 other beautiful ladies at the event. Not going to lie, it was A LOT of fun and was not at all what I expected. I wrote ALL about the contest and the event overall in last week's post so make sure to catch up here on all the insane highlights of the weekend!

Back when they revealed the Top 12, it didn't take long for me to decide that I needed something custom made. Sure, I have plenty to choose from with my collection of 100+ dresses but I didn't want something anyone could get online or from a store. I wanted different, unique, one of a kind.

That was where Button, Button came in! I had met Miss Clara Button briefly at last year's Viva East and have drooled over all the lovely dresses she makes for so many gals I follow on social media. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to finally order something from her for myself.

Clara Button is such a fun collaborator. I knew I wanted to wear my ice cream cone wedges I custom ordered from Shoe Bakery for my wedding but that was the only thing I knew for sure. As I was scrolling her Facebook page, I spotted a two-piece playsuit she had made recently and gasped. That was it! Why rock a single dress when I could rock a two-piece set and really stand out?! Not only that but it was going to be HOT on that stage in the sun, I didn't want to deal with a petticoat or anything heavy or full of layers.

Together, we started throwing ideas and details back and forth. I told her I wanted to be a walking ice cream sundae and within an hour of browsing various fabrics, we landed on Spoonflower and I found the most epic waffle cone fabric and another fabric covered in sprinkles and cutesy ice cream cones. They were perfect together!

The seamstress herself! Miss Clara Button and I after our victory!

The final touch was a custom hairpiece made by the gorgeous Dizzy Doll from Beauty Set Apart, another babe I met at last year's event. In fact, both Dizzy Doll and Miss Clara Button competed in last year's competition and both played a big part in me wanting to enter this year! Dizzy took a previous design she had made and turned the volume up a notch for me with a larger cherry.

I was very happy that I not only got to support other pinups' small businesses but that I got to support small businesses run by talented women. It was truly the cherry on top of the perfect outfit that helped make me the Viva East Darling Dames 1st Runner Up!