Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Spoonful of Sugar (Anthropologie)

Full disclosure: these photos are not recent! But it seems as though my spending ban has caught up to me and well, I just don't have anything left in queue to share! If all goes well, Cody and I close on our new house at the end of this month so as you can imagine, we're trying not to touch our wallets if we can avoid it for the next few weeks!

We're excited to move into a new home (well, new to us!). This apartment has served us well for the last 5 years but we have big plans for the new house. I can't wait to share more once it's more official and all ours.

Now these photos - you'll laugh, but would you believe that they are from October? They are! In fact, they were taken the day I had my makeup trial for my wedding. That explains the made up face! You know I couldn't be bothered otherwise! Come on now!

I snagged this skirt from the Anthropologie sale room sometime last fall. Not only was it on sale, but they were offering an even deeper discount at the register. So I got it on mega sale - my favorite way to get clothes!

I've worn it a handful of times since - while the length is a bit longer than I usually like, I love the print and the detail at the waist. It's precious!

Another funny thing about this skirt is that one of my colleagues has the same one! I am so not used to having the same clothes as someone else in the same office but there's a first for everything!

She is a fashionable gal like I am. Though not retro obsessed like me, she is very chic, appreciates color, and loves to check out Anthro's sales. Thatta girl! 

What's on deck for the summer, peanuts? Have any fun vacation plans?