Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Autumn Spice & Everything Nice (Tatyana)

Snagging a dress during a sale is just about the most satisfying thing a gal can do - at least, in my book it is! As you may recall, I recently snagged a couple things from Modern Millie's during their Spring Shopping party and took advantage of their fun 20% coupon code.

Modern Millie already had this adorable Tatyana number for a steal of a price ($68) but with 20% off? DROOL WORTHY!

I honestly didn't think I needed it in my wardrobe when it first got released in time for fall but then I spotted Bristol wearing hers and, as usual, it made me want one of my own. Does that ever happen to anyone else? The dress looks nice on the website or on the models in the promotions but when you spot it on  a friend or another gal on social media, it looks even MORE lovely?

Not sure what it is - perhaps seeing it on someone in real life vs a professional photo shoot makes it more appealing? I'd like to think the real life gal rocking it is just clearly making it look kick ass!

According to the size chart, I'd fit perfectly in the large so I ordered the large to remain comfortable. The waist fits pretty good but the bust is a bit challenging. It's both big and small at the same time, which sadly is most likely due to poor craftsmanship. It's a bit disappointing but happens often - creating the perfect shirt dress with buttons can be hard to get right.

As usual, I've got space in the shoulders and around the top portion of the dress, but bust is where the trouble starts. The top button falls awkwardly right at the fullest part of my bust and pulls funny, creating a pancake effect but also warps the stripes on the pattern - yikes!

Hello, pancake boobs. Nice to have you around. 
Also, I tried something different with my hair. Still can't tell if it came out kinda cool or kinda crazy but YOLO. 

I moved the top button closer to the edge to try to relax the tension and it helped a smidge, but it didn't totally take care of it and I still get pancaked on the bust. There isn't any gaping luckily, but it definitely has something odd going on there. Bristol noticed it as well and talked about it in her blog post so it didn't totally surprise me when it happened to me, too.

Other than that, the dress is a dream! The sleeves aren't restricting and fall right at my elbow and the colors are warm and lovely. And although it's a shirt dress style with out a zipper (my heart started pounding at the thought of trying to get in and out of it), Tatyana included some hidden clasps and snaps past the waist band so that you can easily step in and out of this bad boy vs struggle to pull it over your head and shoulders. Anyone else get a full workout trying to get in and out of clothes?

I cannot WAIT to wear this in the fall and around Halloween. It's definitely got all the right warm colors to celebrate the changing leaves and cooler temps.