Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tally, Ho! (LindyBop)

April showers are wrapping up next week, which means it's time for May flowers and hopefully some beautiful spring weather!

When it comes to pretty spring dresses, I knew I could rely on Lindy Bop to brighten up my wardrobe for warmer weather. So when the opportunity arose for a spring themed collaboration, I jumped at the chance to add this lovely Tally Day dress in the blue daisy print.

I knew right away that the Tally would be a dress I rock all summer. It is light, flowy, and delicate feeling - just what you want for a spring/summer dress. Hey, if it's easy to pull on and off in those steamy mornings when I am already sweating after getting out of the shower, I am here for it!

I couldn't resist the adorable blue daisies on the dress with the little green leaf details. It is just a darling dress all in all!

I've always ordered a UK12 from Lindy Bop but the size chart for the Tally dress indicated that a UK14 would fit me better so I selected a size up this time around. When it arrived, however, I realized I definitely could have stuck with my usual UK12. Luckily, Jasmine from Lind Bop was more than kind and helpful and sent me the UK12 right away, telling me to do whatever I saw fit with the UK14. I sent it off to Kristina from Eyre Effect, hoping it'd work for her while she is still breastfeeding Irene.

It was so generous and kind of Jasmine to send off the proper size right away and not require me to arrange to send back the 14. Not only did that make my life easier, it allowed me to gift my friend a pretty dress - right in time for her birthday, too!

The UK12 fits near perfectly - though the top is a bit unexpectedly roomy. Better to have some extra space than lack of space, I say! The color is just dreamy in real life as well. My only gripe is its side zipper, which gives me trouble when it meets the seam - a common problem in SO MANY dresses. Someday the fashion industry will figure it out, but I digress.

We've had a lot of rain lately, which has caused a BURST of spring. Everywhere I look there are buds in trees, bushes in bloom, and flowers popping up out of soil. The daffodils in front of my house have been up for the past week or so and this tree in my neighbor's yard bloomed the day or two before this dress arrived in my mailbox.

I hurried outside during a break from the downpours and sneaked over the stone wall to my neighbor's side to take advantage of the beautiful pink blossoms and while these photos don't show it, I had a HECK of a time taking them. Because of the rain, it was a MUGGY afternoon and I had a swarm of tiny flies around me AND my camera. Between trying to be fast (as I was on my neighbor's property), fighting off the flies (they would NOT leave me alone), and posing quick between gusts of random wind, I was STRUGGLING. Curses were expressed, arms were flailed, feet were stomped. It was not very pretty. Just thought I'd share some behind the scenes reality as a reminder that Instagram/blogs are SO not the same as reality!

Oh the things we do for blog photos...

In other news, Viva East just released their 12 finalists for the Darling Dames Pinup Contest in July and I somehow managed to sneak my way in there! YEP! I'll be rocking the stage at Viva East this summer along with 11 other beautiful gals. It's going to be so fun (also frightening) and I can't wait. Now...what am I going to wear?!