Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Pick Up Sticks (Modern Millie's)

Come hither, peanuts, and tell me if you've ever worn or seen Teeberry & Weave before! I hadn't until my favorite retro shop, Modern Millie's, shared this beauty on their social media a few weeks back and I fell in love.

Here's where I fell even MORE in love. Instead of just adding it to my my Love List and waiting for the day it'd go on sale so I could snag it (goal of 2019 and all that jazz), I got to buy it just a mere few days after discovering it!

Modern Millie had their annual spring shopping party shortly after getting this dress in and they offered 20% off the site during the party for those who could not shop in person. I was unable to make the hike this time around so I decided to snag a couple pretties and take advantage of their sale.

After doing some research, I discovered that other shops such as ModCloth carry Teeberry & Weave. It's rare that I find a brand that I have never seen anything by before! I adore this dress tremendously with its mock wrap style, short sleeves, and extra wide collar.

Cody made quite a few compliments on it but I think he just likes when I wear a low cut top. That is the one negative with a wrap or mock wrap style - the neckline is so open! I had to pin this one so I didn't walk around flashing my bra to the world.

Another annoying thing with mock wrap styles is getting it on and off. Because it has a side zipper, it's definitely a bit of a contortionist challenge pulling it on and off but this one isn't so the worst I've dealt with so I'm fine with it.

All that aside, I love it. With the collar popped, it gives off some bad ass 70's vibes and it's nice to have a colorful lightweight cotton to rock all spring and summer. It's comfortable, too!

This dress also runs VERY big for I ordered a small and if you've been reading my blog lately, you know I am very much not a small or medium these days! It cracked me up. I ordered two dresses from Modern Millie's during their sale - one was a large and the other a small. If that doesn't show you why women are so fucked up, then I don't know what does!

I even tweeted it out after the purchase:

The colors of this dress are kind of giving me some Captain Marvel vibes, am I right? I have not seen the movie yet but I've been told I should if for nothing more than it's 90's nostalgia. Well, sold! You had me at 90's!

Have you seen the movie yet? Is it as kickass as everyone says?