Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Allison, My Aim is True (Heart of Haute)

I have been feeling less and less inclined to reach for the big fluffy petticoats these days. I don't know if my style is simply evolving away from them or I am just in an anti-petticoat phase, but I have been looking for more lovelies that have a less full skirt and can accommodate one of my less crazy petticoats (such as my Zooey Malco Modes, which is not as voluminous as the Samantha) or is shorter in length and doesn't need a petticoat at all.

Many mornings, I just don't want to deal with the effort of pulling on and adjusting all the layers. You have to pull the petticoat on, get it underneath the dress/skirt just right, and then adjust and adjust and adjust for what feels like forever to make sure the skirt isn't getting caught on the hem or ONE random piece of petticoat isn't sticking out in back if the dress is the same length as the petti or the waist isn't caught weird under your skirt's waistband. It's involved.

I know. I'm a bit obsessive/anal when it comes to how my petticoat and skirts fall (I prefer them NOT to stick out and fall just right at or above the hemline and it's a fine line between perfect and insane) and some may think wow, Sara, you make this harder than it has to be and you are so right. I do. But it comes with the territory. I CHOSE THIS LIFE AFTER ALL.

Anyway, because of the fuss, I've been favoring my dresses that either accommodate my Samantha pettis easily without any annoying fidgeting (yay for true full skirts!) or my dresses that I can pull the Zooey on with and not spend another second adjusting it (because man, the dreaded edge that shows when the petticoat is too SHORT for the dress is whole other story...).

I am craving ease, basically!

I am rambling on and on about ease because the above is exactly why when I spotted this Allison dress included in Heart of Haute's recent 40% off sale on their Sale Rack items, I swooned. It was not only gorgeous but definitely the kind of dress I needed more of - easy to pull on and style for work!

The quarter length sleeves are just lovely for New England springtime and with the dress's heavenly soft and stretchy fabric, it fits like a dream. I definitely could have sized down to a medium since the fabric is so stretchy but there was just a large remaining on the sale rack so I went for it. It's a bit big on top and the waist falls lower than my natural waist because of this but it is still wonderfully comfortable and crazy soft and THESE COLORS are just TO DIE FOR! It shouldn't surprise me. Everything I get from Heart of Haute is always so beautifully made.

A big plus is how Cody is a fan. He kept hugging me and touching me one morning last week when I wore this to work, claiming the dress made me "so grab-able." So, yeah, husband approved for those interested. I know it's probably due to the fact that he material is THAT soft - it's like, buttery soft.

A dress that is both beautiful AND insanely cozy? I'll take one in every color and pattern, please!