Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What's Sara Reading? Under Rose Tinted Skies

Once in awhile, I divulge in a Young Adult book. I've always loved YA more than adult fiction and have shared quite a few here in my "What's Sara Reading?" series. It's always fun to grab a new YA to break up what can feel like the dry monotonous world of adult fiction (anyone else out there feel me?).

Speaking of, look at me sharing ANOTHER book review and inspired outfit just one month after the previous? I am off to a good start...

Back in November, as we took off for Costa Rica for our honeymoon, I knew it was time for a really good YA read and sprung for "Under Rose Tainted Skies" by Louise Gornall. "Under Rose Tinted Skies" tells Norah's story of living with agoraphobia and OCD.

Of course, in true YA fashion, a cute new boy moves in next door and they meet one morning. He's adorable, funny, and more importantly, he keeps trying to communicate with Norah. This terrifies her and she doesn't want him to think she is a freak but the two become friends regardless and grow closer and closer.

"Under Rose Tinted Skies" reminded me MAJORLY of "Everything, Everything"  by Nicola Yoon as it kind of follows the plot line to a T but hey, it's not the worst thing in the world because it was really well-written and, man, did Luke sound like a cutie!

It was the perfect read for our honeymoon - all I wanted to do was lay by the pool with my book and an endless supply of pineapple daiquiris and that is EXACTLY what I did. And now I really want a pineapple daiquiri...

I liked Norah and how she explained her disease and daily challenges. We were right in her head since the story is in her POV and it broke my heart at times and had me cheering her on in others. The story has a dramatic climax with a home intruder that forces her to leave her house and it's SUSPENSEFUL!

Recently, I shared my actual New Year's resolution of only buying new clothes IF they're part of a big sale or I have a really good coupon/discount code to use. Well, believe it or not, this floral Bernie Dexter number was not a splurge! Bernie threw a 55% off sale after the New Year (I am HERE for her sporadic sales!) and I still had part of a gift card left from Cody from birthday's past. SCORE!

I've been digging pink lately and was happy to add this to my collection. I didn't know I needed it until I saw my gal, Bristol, in it on her Instagram. Then it was bookmarked until the day the sale hit and WAM BAM, THANK YOU, MA'AM! It's now mine!

This should be an interesting year for this blog - with my spending restrictions, I will hopefully be sharing just a bunch of awesome deals and steals with you! That or I may run out of content and you'll find a lot of remixed outfits showing up.

What are your plans for tomorrow? Cody and I JUST decided on homemade Valentine's Day sushi - he'll go pickup our favorite ingredients after work and we'll get to stay home in our jammies and make sushi together. We haven't done it in a LONG time so I am looking forward to it!