Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Order Up! Our Retro Diner Wedding

Our photos are here! Our photos are here! Praise the wedding gods, our wedding photos are here!

If I am being honest, we got these bad boys back a couple weeks before Christmas (earlier than expected!) but I wanted to share them with family and enjoy them to myself for a bit before sharing some highlights. I figured after the holidays would be the perfect time!

There were SO MANY amaaaaazing photos - our photographer, Zac Wolf, exceeded my expectations (even though I already knew he'd do an excellent job when I hired him since I had been following him on Instagram for years and knew I wanted to hire him when it was my turn to do so) - and I can't possibly share them all. So I put together a bunch of our favorites to share! I am also sharing our wedding highlights video down below if you want even MOORRREEE!

I am not sure how many brides can happily say that their wedding went perfectly but mine truly did. It was EXACTLY how I imagined it in my head (a late limo was our only hiccup so I'll take it!). I couldn't make it better if I tried! Though it took months to find, I tracked down the perfect jukebox for our ceremony, I had my table full of delicious donuts from one of my favorite shops, my dress was a retro cupcake dream as imagined, I had ice cream sundaes on my feet, my girls all had pinup hair and makeup done and were wearing petticoats, and my man - oh my man - was as handsome as ever in his gray suit and gingham shirt.

Swoon! Gosh darn, he's dreamy, isn't he? I know, I am a bit biased...

I owe a lot of the day's perfection to my wedding planner, Blair. She came to the rescue (literally) when my original planner decided to break our contract 4 months before the wedding and I do believe I ended up with the better planner in the end! Blair KILLED it. She handled everything like a BOSS and took care of every detail on my behalf the day of - just what I hoped for when I decided to hire a wedding planner. Because of her, I got to sit back and relax the entire day as we got ready and all I had to do was show up where I was told to show up and be 100% immersed in everything.

My bridesmaids were BEAUTIFUL. It was SO fun to see them all dolled up like pinups just for me. Fun fact - out of my 4 bridesmaids, only 1 actually enjoys dressing like me! You know who I'm talking about - my girl, Jen, of Dressing with Class, had no problem rocking her Pinup Girl Clothing dress and petticoat with a victory roll in her hair. Because of this, it was really cute to see my sisters and maid of honor look so unlike themselves but look so gorgeous doing it! I enjoyed it knowing it probably wouldn't happen again!

I was absolutely smitten with Cody's groomsmen. They looked SO handsome in their gingham shirts rolled to the elbow, mis-matched ties, and guitar pic boutonnieres. Cody also had his sister, Abby, on his side as his groom's gal and her hi-lo gray dress matched their suits perfectly.

One of my favorite moments of the day was having a First Look with my parents and then with Cody. Not shockingly, my dad couldn't hold it together and it was AMAZING to see my mother's face light up when I walked in the room. In fact, she's got a 100 watt smile on her face in nearly every photo Zac took and that makes me incredibly happy.

Cody and I wrote our personal vows to each other and exchanged the cards during our First Look on the terrace at the Biltmore Hotel. It was a really sweet moment and it helped us get our emotions out then (cough me cough) so that during the ceremony, we could keep our sh*t together (again, cough me cough).

From there - I don't know where to begin! It was a whirlwind! The ceremony felt surreal and went by so fast!

I loved our ceremony. Our JOP, April, did an amazing job writing the perfect ceremony that was perfectly sweet as well as silly. We couldn't have written it better ourselves! So much so that when she sent us her first draft, we only fixed ONE word. That was it!

My bridesmaids didn't have bouquets - they carried records instead! Cody and I each picked two records that represented our music taste (Billy Joel and Panic! at the Disco for me, Eminem and The Wooden Sky for Cody) and had each bridesmaid carry it down the aisle and add it to the record bin by the jukebox.

We asked Cody's mom to read during the ceremony and she was so great. We didn't want something expected and found something written by Bob Marley that was more our speed. It's called "He's Not Perfect" and really did match our relationship perfectly.

 As for the cocktail hour and reception? I don't know that I can even remember it clearly enough to write anything coherent. But it's OK because these photos tell an amazing story. The burgers, fries, and milkshakes, the piles of donuts, the incredible band, our caricatures, the centerpieces and decor, all the dancing with friends and family, my surprise performance with the band, the speeches and formal dances with our parents - ALL OF IT WAS SO DANG MAGICAL!

Cody's favorite part of the day was seeing me sing - while he has heard me sing in the shower, around the house, and in the car, he hasn't really seen me PERFORM. I didn't even realize that until he told me how surprised he was, which was 100% my goal!

He has been holding the record as the best surprise planner (proposal in Paris, hello?!) so it was definitely my turn to surprise him for a change - something that is very hard to do! Since I was the main point of contact for the wedding plans, it wasn't all too hard to plan this one. I worked with the band to coordinate my performance. The band learned "Be My Baby" by the Ronnettes, sent me a recording of them playing it so I could practice, and we just went for it as the party began.

I actually surprised everyone with it. No one knew of my plans besides my sister, Emma, our maid of honor, Red, and our best man, Andrew. Andrew was on Cody duty to ensure he was in the room at the time of the performance and Red was on parent duty. My parents are BIG fans of me singing, obviously, so I needed to make sure they were around as well. And as you can tell from the photos of my mother watching me sing, the surprise went over very successfully.

But enough of my rambling! Here are a TON more photos of the evening for you to enjoy, if you so desire:

Our Wedding Highlights Video:
My Song to Cody:

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Photographer (& Wizard): Zac Wolf Photography
Videographer: Eastty Productions
Band: Clique
Hair: Miss M
Makeup: Liz O'Leary MUA
Wedding Planner (aka Wedding Boss): BAM Events
JOP/Officiant: April Ward-Stanbrook
Wedding Dress: Ve'Lace Bridal (customized Allure gown - read all about it here!)
Shoes: Shoe Bakery
Bouquet: Dana's Paper Flowers
Suits: Milton's
Boutonnieres: Amy Weiss Designs
Bridesmaids' Dresses: Modcloth, Pinup Girl Clothing, Unique Vintage, & Heart of Haute
Bridesmaids' Shoes: BAIT Footwear
Donuts: PVDonuts
Caricature Artist: Alex Hughes
Invitations: Amy Weiss Designs