Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Yes to the Dress: My Customized Dress from Ve'Lace Bridal

Lots of women know what dress they want to rock as they walk down the aisle. They see it in a magazine or have shopped before or they spot it on the TV in a show or movie. If they don't know the exact dress, then most know what style they are going for. I didn't know what dress I wanted but I definitely knew what style I wanted - something tea length, retro, puffy, unique, and detailed. Oh and sleeves. I wanted sleeves!

I decided to start my dress shopping at Ve'Lace Bridal in Bellingham, MA. My maid of honor, Red, got her dress there when she was shopping and the staff there were so great and everyone was so awesome to Red that I knew I had to include Ve'Lace when I started shopping.

Just a day after Red's wedding, Ve'Lace held a fashion show and we went as I had recently gotten engaged to Cody and was excited to get started. We loved the show and I loved hearing the owner say that in the back, they had a full inventory of dresses to choose from. I had no idea they had so much inventory hiding behind closed doors!

Knowing that, I decided to start my shopping there and went in to try on some dresses back in January with my mom, Bubbie, sister, and Red. As I met with my stylist, Julia, I discovered that at Ve'Lace, they don't limit any of their brides and welcome customization of any gown so that ever bride had the opportunity to have the dress of their dreams without going into debt.

Because of this, I was not limited to just tea length dresses. In fact, Ve'Lace only had 1-2 actual tea length dresses to try on. Instead, Julia pulled as many unique, quirky, detailed ball gowns as she could. Getting a ball gown would mean I could hem it to be tea length and get the fullest skirt possible! I knew that with the customization option at Ve'Lace, I'd buy my dress there.

What I did not expect was buying the first dress I put on! No lie! My wedding dress was the first dress I tried on at Ve'Lace - the very first wedding dress I ever put on my body! My dress truly found me.

The original dress (shown here in the blush color - I ordered in white)

Spotted in the show room by my sister, Emma, and Red, I asked Julia to add it to the collection she was pulling. While it wasn't very vintage-y, it was whimsical and fun and definitely unique. When I had it on, I felt so happy and fun and pretty. It was just such a fun dress - it made me want to dance!

We talked about shortening it (it had a full train!) and how the layered skirt would look so awesome in a shorter length. That meant we had to chop off a full train and cut out layer upon layer of tulle and lining underneath.

The only thing I wasn't keen on? It was strapless! While I adored the top and how it looked on me, I really did want sleeves. Julia was quick to grab a tulle bodysuit with the most delicate bling on the neckline and cap sleeves. We tucked it into the top of my dress and when I looked in the mirror, we all let out an "Awwwwwwww!" because with the high neck, cap sleeve, illusion neckline, the dress was PERFECTION!

For the 3 months leading up to my wedding, I worked with a seamstress who works independently with Ve'Lace to attach the body suit to the dress (so that it was 1 piece versus 2) and shorten the dress from ball gown to tea length.

My shoes were also custom - I sent Shoe Bakery a pair of white Chase and Chloe wedges that I knew would 
be comfortable on the dance floor and they turned them into a work of delicious art!

I felt bad when I first met with the seamstress. She got very wide-eyed when I explained what I wanted. I think the idea of hemming a ball gown to a tea length in a little over two months made her pretty nervous!

She attacked the dress with me still in it - cutting out all the tulle and lining underneath that we wouldn't need. As she pinned the skirt, though, I could tell she was starting to get excited for this big makeover and everyone left the appointment satisfied.

I was pumped to see the final result but I was so not prepared for how beautiful it would actually be when all was said and done. It was an entirely new dress and I LOVE that. It went from being a modern whimsical ballgown to being a retro cupcake dream - everything I wanted in my dress and more! I essentially got to wear a one of a kind dress. And we all know how much I like being different!

THIS BOY - he stopped me after taking photos in the bowling alley to tell me I was a princess 
and he agreed to be my prince. My heart melted into a puddle at that moment - he wouldn't let go of my hand!

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Ve'Lace. I didn't even know I'd want a custom option until it was offered and I am SO glad I started there. My stylist, Julia, was amazing and the owner of Ve'Lace is so kind and supportive of all her brides. It's nice to see an owner who cares!  All the gals at Ve'Lace want one thing - happy brides - and now they can add me to their list!

All magical photos above are by the amazing Zac Wolf Photography