Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Pinup in Paradise: Part 2 (ft. Grace Karin)

As you may recall from last week's post, I was rocking some lovely Grace Karin dresses on my honeymoon a couple weeks ago (argh, take me back to Costa Rica!). While my first post showcased a swing style dress that is totally my speed, this week I am excited to share a more fitted style that I opted for to add some variety to the trip.

When I chose this minty number, I was worried it'd be too pale on my super pale skin but the hue turned out just a smidge bolder than I expected and didn't wash me out at all! In fact, I really dig all of these colors so much more than I thought I would!

I was kicking myself after ordering for the dress has quite a bit of stretch and if I had known, I would have definitely ordered a medium and not a large (the size chart put me between the two, as usual, and I decided to play it safe). When I first tried it on, it was BIG on me and instead of a fitted pinup look, I looked like a modest grandmother of the bride.

Luckily, with just one go through the washer and dryer, it shrunk enough to make it less baggy and more fitted. It's still a bit on the loose side but not terribly so and it surely isn't obvious to anyone else now.

I know I gushed about this in my last post but DAMN it was so easy to style and photograph these pretties in Costa Rica. There was so many lush spots to pose in that we didn't even get to half of it in these photo sessions - both last week and this week's photos were ALL taken in spots right around our room!

The Secrets Resort we stayed in wasn't your typical high rise hotel. It was more like a campus spread out among the mountain side! All the suites were in duplex/side-by-side bungalows and had all these winding pathways between them. There were so many steep hills too! The shuttle service came in handy constantly.

Can you believe how beautiful this place is? It certainly was a paradise!

I want to thank Grace Karin for the collaboration and, unbeknownst to them, giving me some new pretty dresses to bring on my honeymoon during my strict spending ban. It definitely helped me feel fun and flirty celebrating with my new husband!