Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Cheer with Brittans Designs

I know, I know - you want to see the wedding photos already. Well, so do I! Trust me, I plan to share all the wedding details soon enough. First, though, I have a fun holiday lookbook featuring Brittans Designs from Etsy.

Brittans Designs creates custom ladies neckties and bows on Etsy that definitely cater to the vintage lovin' gal. With some Disney inspired bows, I Love Lucy inspired bows, and a plethora of holiday themed bows and ties, Brittan's Etsy shop has something for everyone!

I knew I wanted to style a few for the holidays - I knew it'd be SO easy to transform an everyday outfit into something more festive just by adding a bow! Brittan kindly sent me 3 different styles to work with - a neck tie, an elegant bow with a neck fasten and closure, and a more festive bow with a brooch back. I love that these each provide a variety of wear to give you a variety of styling options! You can order just about any of Brittan's bows with the closure of your liking and I LOVE that!

Office Holiday Luncheon

Now that I've styled this ivory necktie with my Hell Bunny holly blouse, I kind of want ALL the neckties. It adds such a nice touch of class to the outfit. It also gives off some retro secretary vibes and I am ALL for that!

I kept this outfit on the delicate and simple side - just as you would to attend your team's holiday lunch in the office before everyone is off for Christmas. I always love celebrating the holidays with my colleagues. At my last job, we always had a fun team lunch with a Yankee Swap. It was always fun sitting with co-workers you usually only talk shop with, relaxing and talking but everything BUT work.

At my new job, I am LOVING how into the holidays the company is. We had our company wide holiday party last Friday in a hotel ballroom and had a delicious buffet, some fun raffles (free, of course), and hours of karaoke. I won a massage (SO excited) and definitely belted out some tunes on the dance floor. I think some people were shocked at the new girl taking the microphone but as you all know, I have no shame! This week we have a cookie bake off and next week we have a holiday pot luck so needless to say, this company is ALL about holidays and I am DOWN for that!

With the numerous office activities planned, I will definitely need an assortment of holiday outfits and this will certainly be one of them! It's the perfect balance of holiday cheer and office class - thanks to Brittan's lovely necktie!

Friendsmas Bash

On the other end of the holiday attire spectrum, you have your holiday get-togethers with your friends - Friendsmas, if you will! I've attended a couple already and I love pulling out the stops and wearing something as festive and as colorful as I possibly can.

I fell absolutely IN LOVE with this green bowtie covered in holiday lights in Brittan's shop and she kindly included it in the three she sent me. It didn't take much effort to put together the perfect outfit to support it. In fact, this Unique Vintage skirt actually lights up - what a perfect match!

I love being in head-to-toe red and green for holiday parties and laughing nonstop in a house full of your closest friends is just the place to do it. Where else can you get away with this much holiday cheer?

New Year's Eve Dinner Party

One thing folks tend to forget when it comes to the holiday season is New Year's Eve! It's part of the season, too! It may be the last night of December but it can still be included and celebrated.

In fact, I bet many of you have dinner or party plans for that night and haven't even started to think about what you'll wear. Well, I have started to and now I am set. This golden silk bow is the PERFECT accessory to fancy up an average outfit.

I slipped this bowtie around the collar of one of my favorite sweaters and with the gold accessories, was able to bring this look from casual to fancy in no time. We all know New Year's Eve WILL be cold so I plan to be PREPARED with this cozy yet fancy look.

Interested in more? Well, Brittan started her shop a little over 2 years ago after spending years being drawn to women's business styles and vintage styles (especially those from the 1950's). After struggling to style menswear into her looks (it was always too bulky and masculine for her taste), Brittan decided to design and create her own line of neckties and bow ties for women and Brittans Designs was born!

While ties and bows aren't something I already have in my accessory rotation, when I saw Brittan's collection, I swooned. How have I NOT worn a beautiful bow or tie before? They SCREAM vintage and class.

Thank you so much to Brittan for sending me these lovely bows to style. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of accessorizing my outfits.

I'll wrap up with a quote from Brittan about her mission and goals for her shop of ties: "I feel that anyone and everyone could dress up a bow in their own unique way. I love wearing something that makes me feel good and gives me confidence. If I can create something for someone and give them that good feeling then that makes me very happy with my work. I truly love what I do. There is always something new to keep it fresh and exciting."