Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pinup in Paradise: Part 1 (ft. Grace Karin)

Shortly before Halloween, the team over at Grace Karin (one of Amazon Fashion's biggest style brands) reached out to me about a collaboration. It was PERFECT timing, really, as my wedding was right around the corner and I had just started planning what I'd bring with me to our honeymoon.

We went to Costa Rica for a week after the wedding, returning just before Thanksgiving, and I knew I wanted to bring all of my tropical, party, and fun dresses with me. Knowing that I'd primarily be in a bathing suit or adventure clothes during the day, I wanted some lovelies to wear at night for dinner and other evening activities.

We stayed at a Secrets Resort and one of the perks of doing so is that we got to experience a special honeymoon package they offer. There was SO much romance! From a bottle of champagne being delivered to our room to a special breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner on the beach one evening to a couple's massage one morning, we were in HEAVEN! They even draped a special honeymoon banner across our door and we felt quite special (until we noticed there were at least 10 other honeymoon banner covered doors in our zone - ha!).

The challenge for this trip? Well, since leaving my job in September, I have been on a STRICT spending ban. I had ZERO funds for dresses as everything was for the wedding (and you know, the cost of living). How could I put together a fun honeymoon wardrobe!?

I was prepared to settle on wearing dresses I already own (nothing wrong in that - I love all my dresses!) but it still stunk that I couldn't go grab a couple new pretties to bring with me. So when Grace Karin offered to send me a couple dresses to bring with me on my honeymoon (and photograph while I was in said paradise!), I was overjoyed. I'd have a couple new dresses after all!

I picked this lovely halter swing dress as well as a wiggle dress. I figured the two choices gave me a fun look as well as a more sexy look - both vibes you want a lot of on your honeymoon, no?

It was SO fun styling this swing dress. I love this huge lily hair flower but never get to wear it - it's not quite an accessory you rock to the office everyday. The flower helped as my hair was either pulled back into a clip or pulled half back for the entire trip - it was SO hot and humid! And while I typically despise halter dresses (the tie always pulls on my neck!), this one was not bad at all and I could tie it looser without the rest of the dress drooping.

Cody took over as photographer during this trip and I have to say, he has gotten quite the handle of it and seems to be getting a bit more into the idea of helping me out. He never takes my photos - it's so not his thing - but sometimes a gal needs a helping hand (like when you're on vacation and can't just bring a tripod along).

Out of the two dresses I received, this one fit me the best and definitely fits my usual taste more, however I am excited to share next week's post. It's fun to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile! Stay tuned!

By the way, how GORGEOUS was our resort? It was NOT difficult to find good photo spots just around our bungalow. Everywhere we looked was a beautiful view or spot. This place was just perfection - it was very challenging saying goodbye on our final day!

P.S. - I am no longer unemployed! A week before our wedding, I landed a job and I started this week (and getting to start with my new name was SUPER exciting!). I am so nervous whenever I start anything new but I have had a good feeling about this one ever since my first interview and it's a really great company, office, and team. So here's to new chapters and diving in head first!!