Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Chotronette + 2 Week Honeymoon Blog Break


T-minus 3 days until Cody and I say "I do" on Saturday and I am FLIPPING OUT.

I just can't believe it's really and finally HERE. We got engaged September of last year and once we chose a date for our wedding, it just felt so FAR AWAY. And it sort of was! Everyone loved telling me how fast the year goes and how the wedding would be here before I knew it.

Well, they're all full of it. It has been A YEAR and it sure felt that way! Now, in my defense A LOT happened since we got engaged and A LOT of it was not to plan but still, nothing of the planning process felt fast or as though time was moving too fast. It felt like the day of would never come.

And yet, here we are. The week leading up to the day and it doesn't feel real AT ALL. I've spent the last year planning this perfect and kickass day and I FINALLY get to see it play out? I get to FINALLY walk down the dang aisle?


Now, would you believe me if I told you that I've had this GORGEOUS Chotronette dress since this past Spring? Well, I suppose you would after reading the above. Hmm. Anyway, yes, it's true. I ordered this puppy in early Spring of this year in anticipation of the wedding. There really was no real good reason other than the fact that I planned to use some of my tax return to get it (it's a bit of a splurge at roughly $500 USD) and I did not know how long it would take to get made/shipped.

Another fun fact that you may not believe? I have had this dress bookmarked to buy as part of my wedding festivities since the first year I knew Cody - 7 freakin' years ago! It had popped up on my computer screen one day at work while I was CLEARLY working hard (I want to say I was using Stumble Upon to kill time and it brought up this dress either on the website or on someone's blog) and I fell SO in love with it.

Back then, I thought maybe this would be my wedding dress SOMEDAY (Cody and I were just co-workers then, no heart eyes or flirtations in sight - YET). Fast forward to us actually getting engaged to that same co-worker (it's so funny to me - if only I could go back to the Sara who accepted the job 7 years ago and tell her what would unfold because of that decision! Oh life...) and of course, I immediately thought of this Chotronette dress. By then I decided that I wanted to have a white dress but I knew I still wanted to splurge on this dress BECAUSE HOW COULD I NOT?

So I am wearing this on Friday for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The next best thing, right? And if I am not in a champagne and donut induced coma the morning after the wedding, I may even rock it to our brunch we're hosting at the hotel before the guests depart.

My only caveat with this beauty is the neckline. While I am all for an illusion neckline, I think the design they chose is a bit odd. It kind of reminds me of those undershirt/tank tops guys wear? Regardless, I'm "meh" about it and it might just be because it does fit me a bit funky. I could maybe get it taken in at the shoulders and it may solve the weirdness I feel. Luckily, it's mostly invisible so it's not such a big deal!

Before I go twirl my way into my wedding dress once and for all (FINALLY!), I will be taking a bit of a break until we return from our honeymoon! We are off to Costa Rica next Tuesday and will be coming back right before Thanksgiving. I will return with WEDDING PHOTOS galore shortly after Thanksgiving and other fun projects I have planned for our honeymoon in collaboration with Amazon Fashion brand, Grace Karin!