Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back to School (Bernie Dexter)

Though I have not gone "back to school" in 8 years, I couldn't resist a Back to School themed post for this week after I snagged this paint palette Mari dress by Bernie Dexter earlier this summer during one her big sales.

I still had a gift card from last year's birthday and since my Kelly dress in this print (the white version) no longer fit, I decided to replace it with the black version in a slightly different cut.

When I received it, I immediately thought of Back to School (I was in the midst of organizing a backpack drive at work) and knew I needed to pose among a sea of school buses.

I mean, where ELSE would I go?

I love Bernie Dexter's Mari dresses. The wide collar, the zip front, the sleeveless style. It's perfection for the summer and very easy to pair with a cropped cardigan during colder months. And while I loved my previous Kelly version with the different colors, I really love these bold primary colors and how they pop against the black fabric.

Part of me misses the start of a new school year - I used to LOVE moving back into the dorms when I was in college. I loved setting up my new dorm room, unpacking all my stuff the way I wanted it, and getting ready for the new year.

It was also great being reunited with all my friends from the hall and memorizing each other's schedules so we could work out when we'd go to lunch and supper together. It was definitely a different time then! 

I don't miss the actual school element of it though. I often joke that you couldn't pay me enough to go back to school. I don't miss my high school or college days like that. I did it once and that was enough for me.

While the social parts bring me nostalgia, I am A-OK not writing anymore boring papers and sitting in 90 minute long classes.


How about you guys? Does this time of year bring back any nostalgia for you?