Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The PINEapple of My Eye (Collectif)

Muahahahhaha! Did I not warn you that I had more fruity fun coming your way? DID I NOT?

No one should be surprised to see me rocking this pineapple dress from Collectif. If you are, frankly I don't know that you know me all too well...

I appreciated the quirkiness of this dress since I saw it on the Modcloth website as part of the Modcloth x Collectif collaboration. I jokingly tagged my sister in the spring as she is a pineapple lover and we laughed over how cute it was. I love a bold yellow and the luscious green was gorgeous on the top. Now I want every dress in this cut because it fits nearly PERFECTLY. Bravo, Collectif, bravo!

I had appreciated the watermelon version of this dress a year or so ago but never sprung for it because, well, I have enough watermelon themed things. But pineapple themed outfits? I may have a tiki dress with a pineapple hidden among palm prints but other than that, this may be my first pineapple print!

Not a bad first pineapple print - the dress IS a pineapple! Give me a super high pony tail and I could BE a walking pineapple.

Hmm...I am getting some good Halloween costume ideas now. The kids at my school would go NUTS.

Anyway, pineapple details aside, how gorgeous is this shade of green? I am digging green more and more these days. Blue as well. I never really thought much of either color. As a purple and red lover, I tend to veer away from colors like green. But I don't know. This green is pretty darn precious and I kind of want more!

Speaking of pretty darn precious - my bridal shower is this weekend and I am SO EXTREMELY EXCITED to see what my sister, Emma, my maid of honor, and mother in law have been in cahoots over. They have kept ALL of it top secret and all I know is the when, where, and that it will be the most "un-vegan" day of my life. Well, at least I've been warned.

It's fun to see my sister and friends so excited. It's been a lot of fun having them involved in my plans and it's going to be so overwhelming. Don't worry, I plan to share all about the details next week when I also share what I wore to my shower (fun fact and tiny hint: I bough the dress all the way back in November when I was in Vegas for work).

I've never had so much attention and focus on little old me. Perhaps it's my Middle Child Syndrome showing but it's baffling to me - I have 20+ women gathering an event ALL FOR ME. What the whaaaaat? It's crazy to me! What did I do to get such an honor?

I feel that way about the whole wedding. I've got 100+ people making plans and getting ready to gather in one place for ME AND CODY? Like...what? That's crazy! I've never experienced that and probably never will again. It doesn't compute right now so the day it comes is going to be SO INSANE!!!