Wednesday, August 1, 2018

MORE Watermelon?! (Chic Wish)

If you think the fruit themed outfit posts are just about over - you'd be terribly mistaken.

I think it's safe to say that my closet could be mistaken for a fruit salad these days. I've got just about every fruit possible. I think the only fruit unaccounted for are peaches. And possibly cherries. I'm not so into cherries.

Oh wait. No. I'm wrong. I have a ModCloth skirt covered in pie, ice cream cones, and cherries.

See? Fruit salad central over here.

The latest addition? This watermelon skirt from Chic Wish. A lot of brands have released skirts and dresses with very similar patterns emulating watermelons for summer. And that is not a bad thing!

What I like about the Chic Wish version is how the colors fade into each other and how light and flowy the material is.

It's been INSANELY humid here lately and my God are we sick of it! It makes it so hard to get dressed in the morning. I can't even glance at my petticoats without breaking into a sweat so it's been a few weeks of simple, comfortable, flowy, airy outfits. These skirts definitely check those boxes!

My sister, Emma, got this one for me. She couldn't decide between this one and the colored pencil one I posted earlier so she did the only thing she could do - she got both! She is my sister, after all.

So what's next on the produce list? Well, let's just say Collectif had their big 50% sale recently and even though I committed to pretending it didn't exist this year, I ended up looking (because why not? I WAS JUST GOING TO LOOK!) and well, let's just say I've got 3 pretties on their way to me.

Listen, I am all for saving money (and have been doing a pretty good job at doing so these last 6 months) but I also know that it is not everyday that I can get 3 dresses for the price of 2 from one of my favorite brands. So there's that.

Don't worry - only 1 of the 3 is fruit themed.