Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Collar me Teal-riffic (Collectif)

Look at that satisfying title - two puns? TWO? You can't get any better than that...

Oh Collectif Clothing. You sneaky little minx. Here I was, minding my own business and not buying TOO many new clothes in the last 6 months or so and then they go and have another one of their end of the season 50% blow out sales.

WHAT THE HECK, COLLECTIF? Don't you know your girl over here is planning a wedding in 3 months as of 5 days ago?? COME ON!

Anyway, I did fairly well IGNORING THEM and avoiding the website. But then my sistah Miss Amy May posted about the sale and how she snagged some goodies and WHAT CAN I SAY?? I CAVED!

I am WEAK when it comes to a Collectif sale - WEEEAAAKKK!!!!

I never ordered 3 dresses faster in my life.

I KNOWWWW. But the dresses were 50% off! That kind of means I got the 3rd free if you really think about it.

Yeah, yeah, Cody didn't fall for that either but I know deep down that logic works. If I got these same dresses a few months back, I would have paid full price. So I know what's what.

Anyway, all that aside, I have no problem being weak for Collectif. They are the brand that fits me the best. Everyone has a brand that fits them the best - the one they can rely on and have complete faith in. Collectif is mine these days! I fit nearly perfectly into their UK12 dresses and I always feel SO good when I am in their clothes.

I loved this dress back when it first came out and nearly bought it. I never did because I couldn't decide between the red version or this teal version. When I spotted the teal version was still in stock i my size and was 50% off, my mind was made up for me and I snagged it.


Like many of my Collectif dresses, it's a bit longer than I'd like (by an inch, really) and for the most part, fits perfect. The waist hits me a smidge too low (also kind of typical with my having a short torso) so I opted out of using the belt loops provided and instead, belted the belt at my actual waist. It makes for a slightly awkward visual but it just wasn't gonna work if I threaded the belt through the loops. I may remove them altogether to make it smoother all around.

I found this perfect spot for these photos accidentally just a few days after buying this dress and it was like a sign was being sent to me from the dress gods.


Why yes, yes I did....