Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bridal Shower Bliss (Tatyana)

Holy Moley - what an overwhelmingly amazing weekend!

My bridal shower was Saturday afternoon, thrown by my maid of honor (Red), my little sister (Emma), and future mother-in-law (Brenda). The three of them have been in cahoots for months - and I mean MONTHS! Emma started sorting out details probably the night we got engaged, I KID YOU NOT.

I anticipated the day being overwhelmingly kickass but MAN did I underestimate. I know it sounds 100% cliche but it really was humbling and crazy to feel all the love I did Saturday afternoon. All the women in my life and Cody's life all around me, celebrating our future together - it was just mind blowing. I am so used to attending events like these and knowing most or some people but not all. I've never been the one the party is thrown FOR where I know EVERYONE and want to spend time with them ALL. Such an odd concept!

I'll share photos and details from the shower in a moment. First, let's talk about the outfit! 97% of pinup gals own or love Tatyana's Alika dress. It comes in so many colors and really is quite the dress. I never sprung for one but when I was in Las Vegas last November for a trade show, I ventured on down to Tatyana (as one does) and finally tried on an Alika dress.

I actually tried it on in the aqua shade as well and loved how it looked on me but, in the end, I opted for this white version knowing it'd be perfect for my bridal shower - because I would NEVER have the guts to wear this for everyday life. I get anxiety just thinking about it.

Not only is the Alika dress incredibly flattering (I now see why most pinup gals own one!), but the shimmer of the fabric is just to die for. It was perfection and I knew it'd look bad ass with my sparkly ruby red BAIT Footwear shoes and red accessories. Because it wouldn't be a Sara outfit without red accessories!

Now, back to the shower and all it's epic-ness! When Emma divulged that it'd be my most "un-vegan day," I prepared for the world's biggest cheat day and I joked that I expected to walk in to find a bathtub full of macaroni and cheese waiting for me. She also warned that there would be a lot of hidden meanings/inside jokes/family references throughout that many probably wouldn't get but I would. AND BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!

So many ladies in polka dots! Shawna (my college roommate), Cody's Aunt Marianne and her girls (who are our flower girls), and Cody's grandmother, Judy!

The biggest surprise of all though? I walked in to find everyone dressed like me! Nearly everyone had a retro style outfit on - some even had retro dresses with petticoats! I think my jaw hit the floor I was so taken aback! There was even a sign with step by step instructions on how to dress like me. Just amazing!

Emma made a playlist of songs from the past that was full of middle school, high school, and college favorites. There was Ricky Martin, songs from Grease, family favorites like Phil Collins and Cher, old Fallout Boy, and more. It was pretty damn spot on.

AND THE FOOD! I walked in to find a table FULL of ALL my favorite foods - it was so well thought out that even I found myself thinking "omg I do love that..." as I recognized everything. From the beverages (Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Cape Cod Cranberry Dry soda, and punch) to the snacks (cheese puffs, Cool Ranch Doritos, Guac & Chips, and veggies and hummus), to the main spread (THE BEST crab rangoons from Mandarin {they're seriously the best in the world}, quinoa salad, macaroni and cheese, mushroom pizza, and my my mom's macaroni salad - aka carb city!), and finally the desserts (more donuts than the eye could see, our family's favorite Italian cookies that we get every Christmas, chocolate covered Oreo's that looked like records, and cake pops in all kinds of yummy flavors). None of the food went together at ALL but it was all my favorite things from the past and present (despite none of it being vegan except the hummus spread and quinoa salad).

As you can see from all of these photos, Emma and Red really thought out every detail - they even had a "Name the Boyfriends" game where they hung up photos of all my celebrity crushes from the past and present and had guests name them (Cody was included, obviously).

There were retro diner themes all over and I was just floored by all the things they considered. It was truly amazing and everything I could ever hope for! 

Of course it wouldn't be right not to share some group photos:

My mom and Bubbie!

 My mom and sisters (Tory and Emma)

 My amazing matron of honor, Red! (I'll probably never see her in a skirt ever again)

 The best bridal party ever! (Jen, Red, Emma, and Tory)

Emma rocking a petticoat and retro dress for the occasion!