Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Viva East 2018!

Well, well, well! Look at these lovely ladies!

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Viva East Rockabilly Weekender and seeing as it took place just 20 minutes North of my house, you betcha I was there!

Like I did last year for the first ever Viva East, I bought a Saturday pass and ventured on up to see some sexy cars, beautiful gals in all in their pinup glory, and shop at vendors I haven't seen in a year but love to support. This year I actually entered the pageant but alas, did not make the top 10. It didn't matter, though. I was pumped to support the gorgeous gals who did and they all rocked it!

I was a bit nervous to go as this year I was going 100% solo but I was glad I went and am happy I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. My disdain for wasting money if I didn't go after all (I bought the pass months ago) is greater than my social anxieties. Ha!

I got there an hour or so before the Pinup Contest began so I wandered down the rows and rows of cars and admired some beauties. My favorite was a yellow beauty with luscious yellow and white interior. She looked like a drive-able slice of lemon meringue pie!

I snagged a few goodies from the vendors (catching up with Summer Blue Jewelry was such a treat!) before heading to the outside stage for the pinup pageant. As I stood listening to the last few songs of the band performing before the pageant took place, I was excited to see the oh so lovely Luna x Mars appear by my side. We've been following each other on Instagram for awhile now and we had both hoped to run into each other while there once! She introduced me to some of her fellow New York Luscious Ladies members Jackie von Sparks, Betty Chantel, and Ashley Dee and we all hung out and cheered the pageant contestants on together.

Snagging a selfie with Luna as we waited for the winners to be announced

All the ladies KILLED it and looked stunning in their dresses but when the 3 winners were announced the girls and I were pretty pumped. 2nd Runner Up went to Miss Clara Button (who I was SO rooting for!), 1st Runner Up was Alice'n Blunderland, and the crown went to Pinup Miami, who was giving me bombshell Lady Gaga vibes with her sunshine colored hair and mint gown).

 Go Miss Clara Button!!!!!

Yay Pinup Miami!!!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I am so glad I got to get to know Luna and her gals a bit too. The more I attend these events, the more I get to meet people I follow in the blog-o-sphere or on social media and that is one of my ongoing goals on my bucket list. It's great to support other retro women online but it's so amazing to be able to give them a hug in real life, too!

What were you up to this weekend??