Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Gloria, I Think They Got Your Number (Tatyana)

I hate the beach.

I don't mind swimming (I actually do enjoy that) but the beach can simply no longer exist, in my opinion. It's hot, the air smells like salty ocean and smelly people, the sand burns your feet and sticks all over them once you're wet, and if you want to go swimming, you're stepping through rocks, slippery seaweed, and other questionable and unknown stuff lurking beneath the surface.

Gross. Count me out.

So knowing all of the above - why do I keep finding myself buying bathing suits? Sure, I did grab a couple ones before going to Aruba a couple years back so I had reasons but did I have one just a few weeks back when Tatyana had a flash sale and I spotted this one piece up for grabs?


I mean, you could say it was for my honeymoon but like I said, I already have bathing suits. I've got at least 5 at this point. So why do I keep buying them!?

It's a mystery.

But when the price tag on it is only $25 and then you spot this Gloria skirt that matches perfectly on sale for just $50 and THEN you have a special flash sale code for an additional 40% off, you don't NOT buy the bathing suit. You just don't!

So instead of going to the beach, I buttoned the Gloria skirt over the bathing suit and snapped some photos at the reservoir down the street. Because it happens to match the suit perfectly, turning it into quite the cute little play set! BAM!

The bathing suit fits really well and, though you can't see them, there are a set of small orange buttons along the waist with ruching that is very flattering. It will definitely be coming along to Costa Rica for our honeymoon - with it's tropical vibes, it's a perfect match!

Do any of you have any plans for the 4th of July? Since it's mid-week, we're laying low and not going far. Saving the BBQ fun for the weekend with family. We may see some fireworks in the city but other than that, we'll just sleep in and take advantage of a bonus day off. Score!