Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Color Your World (Chic Wish)

Well, Holy Birthday weekend, Batman!

My birthday may have been last Thursday but celebrations continued through the weekend starting with lilies sent to my office from Cody (he can be so sneaky when he wants to be) and a box of fresh mini donuts from Dapper Doughnut from my co-workers (along with other donut themed treats) on Thursday, a trip to the Brimfield Show Antique Fair (which is a mile in circumference and happens only 3 times a year) on Friday with Red, dinner with the friend group Friday evening at the restaurant of my choice (I always choose The Chateau for some Italian yumminess) and a surprise adventure on Saturday morning with Jen. Man, I felt like one loved and adored gal!

Jen invited me to join her for a surprise adventure on Saturday and all she'd share was that we had to be in the Boston area by 10:30am and that I needed to bring my apron. She also shared that it was food focused so I knew to wear the proper attire (I chose my tomato dress, naturally). We pulled up to SwissBakers for their Bread and Butter class and not only did we make bread in all kinds of shapes (I made a standard braided loaf, a frog, a snail, a bunny, and a heart) but we even made our own butter!

It was a lot of fun (I love cooking classes) and even though we love going out as a foursome with our men, it's a treat to have a girls' day out with just Jen every so often.

Before we left, the owner sent me home with two free donuts for my birthday after hearing how much I love donuts. He wanted to prove that his were better than the American donut (he makes Berliners in his bakery) and let me take one chocolate filled and one raspberry filled. It was SO sweet!

See? Didn't I tell you the birthday love was a plenty?

Anyway, the birthday is over and it's back to normal everyday life for me. But hey, at least my normal everyday life is still pretty spectacular (holiday or not) with the wardrobe I have. And I was able to add this adorable colored pencil skirt to the collection thanks to my sister, Emma. She gave me two Chic Wish skirts for my birthday.

I love the bright colors against the crisp white but also how silky and lightweight the skirt is. That helps as it's been a hot July as it always is! 90 degrees is the norm these days and whatever, I am dealing with it.

How soon until winter, again??

What did you peanuts do this past weekend? Were you as busy as me??