Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wisteria Hysteria (Joanie Clothing)

Do I now have 2 dresses with the name Wisteria? Yes, it appears I do.

Luckily, the original Wisteria dress I got from Tatyana last Spring is the loveliest lavendar colored dress and nothing like this adorable floral and ready for summer dress from Joanie Clothing. They just share the same name!

I confess I bought this dress the moment I spotted it on Joanie Clothing's Instagram a few weeks back. I don't do that often but when I saw the print and all the purples, I wanted it desperately!

I loved that it would be a joy to wear all summer - it's a bit shorter than I often go for, light, comfortable, easy to pull on and off, and it has pockets. KACHING!

It will come in handy in the months to come when it's unbelievably hot and sticky and all you want to do is sit in an ice cold pool all day long and not get out until the sun goes down.

When it arrived, it was just as perfect as I hoped. That was a relief as I was a bit nervous about the fit. The size chart indicated I could fit into the UK10 when I am always a UK12 and that always makes me uneasy.

But I took a leap of faith and it turns out that I had no fear! The UK10 fits dreamy. I could have used a SMIDGE more room in the bust but it doesn't squish terribly. So if you're looking to buy this little number, make sure to review the size chart first as it is accurate for this one.

Speaking of dresses arriving with fit concerns - MY DRESS CAME IN RECENTLY! I never thought I'd be the bride that gets nervous/worried over her wedding dress but when you don't see it for 5 months, you start to have anxiety over it - will it look as awesome as I remember? Did we order the right size? Am I going to put it on and hate it? It's REAL, guys!

Anyway, I had nothing to worry about (of course) and it's just as amazing as I remember. Now the real work begins. You may recall that I got a modern ball gown that I plan to customize. The dress was ordered and arrived without any work so when I tried it on the first time, it was just to make sure it fit right and to discuss the next phase.

Well, the dress is now in the seamstress's hands to make it the retro dream I imagine it will be. We'll be chopping it to tea length, adding some fluff here and there, and modifying the top to make it more vintage.

That's all I'm gonna say for now but needless to say, I am even MORE nervous to see it at my next fitting when a good chunk of the work has been completed. EEK!!!