Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Those Watermelon Smiles... (ModCloth)

...just can't ripen underwater.

Yeah, that WAS me saying I was feeling the florals over the novelty prints in my post last week. YEAH MY HANDS ARE RAISED IN SURRENDER, OKAY?

And yes, this is also me, rocking the heck out of a dress covered in juicy watermelons. What can I say? It's mid-June and I'm feeling Summer-licious. Call me Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, I guess!

But I mean, LOOK at these melons (errr...forget I said that)!!

It's not just a dress covered in the same melon Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. You got some full melons, some sliced melons, some halved melons, and how could I forget the HEART SHAPED got 'em all! And they're just so dang CUTE!

I haven't shopped much on ModCloth in this past year but I will say, I did some damage recently. They're doing good with their Spring/Summer releases. It's bound to be bad for my wallet.

If you think the cuteness stops with the heart shaped watermelons, you're wrong. It gets BETTER! There are POCKETS and CRISS CROSS STRAPS. Ahhhhh I can barely continue...

Well, guys, it's June. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Well, it is. And I can hardly believe I've been at my new job for a bit over a month now. How did THAT happen? I've kicked off June in nearly every way - completed and sent June's newsletter and calendar of events, swapped our bulletin boards out to reflect the new month ahead, finalized our summer program and calendar, and then some!

I am slowly getting more and more confident and getting into a routine here. I hate being new and relying on other people to help me along or answer my constant questions. I'm too much of an independent gal for that!

I still have a lot to learn but already feel the difference in comparison to my last job. While I loved parts of it a lot, it was getting to be too much. I didn't realize HOW stressed out I was! That's what happens when it increases slowly over time. You don't notice how bad it gets until it's gone.

I can feel the difference - physically even! My shoulders literally feel lighter because there is less tension being stored there. Isn't that crazy?

I wasn't planning to but after making this big change and seeing the difference, I think I need to leave you with this plea: my little peanuts, please please PLEASE if you're struggling, unhappy, frustrated, bored, limited, held back, and/or feel ANYTHING other than happy with your job, DO SOMETHING. I waited longer than I maybe should have, struggled with what was the right thing to do, worried about taking the risk, etc. So silly!

Don't waste your time somewhere you aren't happy. It's not worth it! Your time is worth more. It's hard but you can do it - just make a choice and then make a change. You don't have to LOVE your job or live your dreams in your job, but you DO get to feel happy and content.

Only you can change your life in the end, no one else is gonna do it for you. So do it.

BONUS: kudos to the first person who recognizes where the title and intro to this post comes from. It's a throwback (sort of)! Hint: he has a new album coming out this June and I am SOOOOO pumped!