Wednesday, February 21, 2018

When Life Hands You Lemons (The Pretty Dress Company)

I have always wanted to own a dress by The Pretty Dress Company. I mean, doesn't the name say it all? THEY MAKE PRETTY DRESSES!

Unique Vintage (along with a couple other repro brands) stock these gorgeous dresses and every time they get new ones in, I die a little inside and am tempted to make the jump. But with many bolstering a price tag of £100 - £169 ($142 - $240!!!), I just never can rationalize that purchase. No judgment to those who can and do (I am jelly to the max), I just can't rationalize it (especially with a wedding coming up).

So knowing that, I remained content admiring others twirling about on their blogs and Instagram feeds int the Pretty Dress Company's gorgeous florals and vintage cuts and simply sighed at each one.

Someday, someday...

Then I spotted this lemon covered dress on one of the Facebook BST groups and my heart leapt high in my chest. The seller was asking for SUCH a fair price that I snagged it immediately.

How could I resist a dress covered in lemons?

It makes me long for Spring, which probably won't show its face around here until May or June. So it's good that I scored this dress. I can pull it on and pretend it's spring, all while still feeling warm with the quarter length sleeves (which fit my chubby uppers fairly well, considering!).

This dress is a UK14, a size larger than I normally fit into but The Pretty Dress Company has a reputation for running a smidge smaller so that combined with knowing the arms would be a risk, I went for it anyway. I am glad I did.

While I have some space in the waist and shoulders, my bust isn't squished and I have enough room in the sleeves. I think if it were my usual UK12, the arms would  be way too snug even with the slight stretch the material has. My only caveat is the zipper - you'd think a $200 dress would come with a decent zipper but alas, as usual, the zipper is where the company has gone cheap. It's a bit of a fight to get it up without a bit of elbow grease but not nearly as bad as some, so I guess I can't be TOO critical...

What are you doing to stay strong until Spring?