Thursday, February 1, 2018

Made of Honor (#MarriedinModcloth)

Although this post is a bit delayed (the wedding took place in October), what better way to start off the month of luuuurrrrve than with my best friend's wedding?? I've been dying to share her day as well as the story behind my maid of honor dress (but kept putting off pulling on the dress again for photos) so the timing worked out pretty well as she just got her wedding photos back recently!

With Best Bitch, Ashli

When Red officially got engaged almost two years ago, it was assumed I'd be her maid of honor. So assumed that she never officially asked me! I jokingly asked her about it and she exclaimed, "WHAT? OF COURSE YOU'RE MY MAID OF HONOR!"

Obviously when I got engaged, I made a point to formally ask her to be mine. But she was so right, it was a pointless question as we have both always been up for the task and SO READY for the role.


For the months following her engagement, we did all the typical things you do when your best friend is getting married - watch Say Yes to the Dress even more and usual, flip through wedding magazines for inspiration, discuss potential colors, and drill her with a billion questions about what she wanted her bridesmaids in because she is the anti-bride and had NO idea where to begin.

After looking at a few stores and around online, she decided on navy blue for color and long mis-matched dresses for the girls. That was all I needed to know!

I actually wasn't intending to find my maid of honor dress online and was fully prepared to buy it with Red and the other gals later on but I stumbled upon this dress from Modcloth last December (that's December 2016, people, keep up) when they had a huge 50% off sale after Christmas. I knew I loved its epic tulle skirt and textured bodice and for kicks, I sent Red a picture of it to see if she liked it.

Children of the Corn, anyone?

When she replied back,  "I love it!" I immediately purchased one of the remaining dresses in stock. When it arrived, it didn't quite fit (it definitely ran a bit big and I could have sized down in this for sure!) so I just took it to a dress shop in town and got it taken in to fit.

The skirt was also way too long so we shortened it. While she was at it, we asked the seamstress to remove a layer of crinoline that was under the skirt. While I like to have volume in my skirt at all times, I knew Red should be the one with the fullest dress on her wedding day! With one layer removed, it was PERFECT!

BARELY making it through my speech (fun fact: I attached my speech to the back of a bingo card from the night Red & I first met)...

But on the bright side I now have this epic-ally dramatic photo that so nicely shows off my French manicure!

When it was finished, it really did fit perfectly. All I needed were my navy Chucks and I was good to go! The day of, the dress was a lot of fun to wear! Once or twice I was worried I'd fall down the stairs, tripping on all the layers, but I didn't fall once!

Red bought each of her bridesmaids these amazing flower combs made out of comic book pages to match her comic book bouquet. Isn't it the coolest thing? They looked so nice with our messy side buns on the day of. All the guys had comic book boutonnieres as well and we all matched her epic bouquet made of Hell Boy comic book pages. I loved all the bridal party attire and details. We all coordinated with each other so well!

On the dance floor, it became my standard move to just swing my dress around in half circles. It was such a fun dress to dance in and it was comfortable to boot! Plus the cups I got added to the dress really worked wonders in the bust-al region, if ya know what I mean, and I could not complain about that!

Some of my favorite snapshots and moments of the day

Before I go, here's some fun shots from the photo booth Red and Jimmy had. It really is one of my favorite things to have at a wedding (or any event, really!), though for mine, we have something a little different planned:

Photos are not my own. All photo credits (outside of photo booth) go to Chris Padgett Photography.