Thursday, February 8, 2018

Heartbreaker (Emily & Fin)

Valentine's Day kind of snuck up on me this year. You wouldn't know it since I've had nothing but love and Valentine's themed treats on this blog since February started, but it truly felt like it did!

I've been so focused on the wedding ever since the holidays wrapped up (currently debating which donut shop I should commit to for our wedding "cake" and it's now between two and it's SO HARD) that I forgot about my second favorite holiday! Oops!

I figured I wouldn't feature a Valentine's outfit as I have in the past but then I spotted this Emily & Fin Abigail dress up for sale on the Emily & Fin BST group on Facebook (oh what would I do without my BST groups??) and hooray! Valentine's Day was saved!

Somehow, I had never actually seen this dress until now! It's beautiful and so fun! Shorter than I am used to (oh hi, knees), it's a bit different for me, but it's just the cutest! Especially when paired with my pink Imsie heels from BAIT Footwear and a yummy Valentine's Day cookie.

The fabric of this dress is not only adorable but is oh so soft, making wearing it a breeze! Which is fine by me because we're not making much effort this year for our Valentine's Day date. We plan to just have dinner at one of our favorite spots and call it a day.

I am sure it's because with the wedding coming up, how does Valentine's Day even COMPARE? That or perhaps since I now have my wedding dress picked out, I just simply can't be amazed by anything too much at the moment.

YEP! I found my dress! About a month ago, actually! If you follow me on social media, this is not new news.

I don't want to share much but let's just say it was NOT what I expected to buy. I did not go with a traditional vintage style at all (though one champagne and lace number came in close second!) - instead, I found a very whimsical and modern ball gown that I am customizing almost completely!

Ok I can give you SOME detail - I am shortening it to be tea length, adjusting the skirt so it's as full as I prefer, and I am changing the neckline from strapless to...well...something else so that has some serious vintage vibes.

It's going to be AMAZING when it's all done - especially since the customizing means I will be wearing a one of a kind dress!

So yes, as you can imagine, a Valentine's Dress is just not something I was going to go gaga over. This Abigail dress, however, is perfection in its cuteness and certainly fits the bill for a relaxed Italian dinner out with my future husband.