Thursday, January 25, 2018

Teacher's Pet (Retrolicious Madison Skirt)

Well it appears January has a plaid theme going so I'm going to just go along with it and say it was intended!

Interesting as well since I typically don't go for plaids. I'm just never drawn to them often! I do have a couple plaid shirts that I wear on weekends with jeans to stay warm but when it comes to my wardrobe, I often go for patterns and novelty prints.

Another thing that is becoming a trend (or a trend I want to start) is some narrative with my posts. So many of you enjoyed a recent post where I got a bit creative with my writing and did a little quick work of fiction to go with the outfit. I figured I'd try another today! It may just become a thing here!

Being an elementary school teacher is what I always wanted to do. Did I anticipate the challenge of it all? Not in the slightest, but it is all worth it to see even just one student walk out of here at the end of the year different than how he or she started it.

This is the time in their lives when everything gets absorbed in their brains and they begin to make sense of it all. They've learned their ABC's, how to tie their shoelaces, when to say "please" and "thank you" and how to clean up, clean up, everybody do your share - now it's time for the information to be provided. They hear all these stories of amazing people from the past, learn about facts and what science is, and how to devour stories from books. This is the best time to be a kid.

I love being there. I love witnessing it everyday (nothing beats the expression on a child's face when they start to realize just how BIG the country they live in is - and how the WORLD is!) and being a part of their development.

Some say the books I read to them at story hour are too advanced but I don't know why we limit what kids read or hear. Why restrict them to a book about talking cats or trains who take on adventures? Why NOT Einstein's life story and books on scientific discoveries and world travelers?

Sure, some of the time story hour becomes nap hour for some of them, but there are always a few that stare up at me, eyes wide, jaws slack, taking in the stories I am telling and they're just amazed that people ACHIEVE such things. I want THEM to achieve such things someday.

Gotta go - Mr. Collins, the teacher in the classroom next door, is walking in with that perfect amount of scruff and his one dimple. He's got his sleeves rolled to the elbow (my weakness) and has brought me a coffee. Oh shoot - I think he just asked if I had a nice weekend. Or did he ask HOW was my weekend? I'm panicking.

I smile, take the coffee, and quickly say to him, like an idiot, " did."

Oh for the love of colored pencils...

So back to plaid...meh, too country for me (at least in my mind that is how it typically works).

However, when done right, a plaid can be downright beautiful - something I am learning lately as I find myself opting for more and more plaid! Hmm, have I gone mad for plaid??

That's where this Retrolicious Madison skirt comes in. Spotted at Modern Millie's in early December when I attended their annual holiday party, it made my heart skip a beat. I loved the colors - the burnt orange with the pale blue? Yes please!

The skirt itself is beautifully long and full and made of a thick cotton - my kind of skirt! It has total 50's vibes because of that - not to mention it's beautiful pleats! Color me impressed, Retrolicious!