Thursday, January 4, 2018

Simply the Best: 2017 In a Nutshell

Every January, I have a lot of fun looking back on the previous year and collecting my favorite posts for a Best Of spread. This year, I debated doing it the way I usually do with talking about my personal favorites or if I collect the top posts of the year based on views/engagement. In the end, I decided to try something new and instead of sharing MY favorites, I am sharing all of YOUR favorites!

It was very interesting to see the overlap. Looking at my favorites list and the list of my top posts of the year, only a small handful lined up. But hey, the people like what the people like. Who am I to judge my peanuts' taste in posts?

I am not! So without further ado, here is a roundup of In a Nutshell's top posts of 2017!
Baby, It's Cold Outside: BAIT Footwear Boots Review

Apparently, you guys love BAIT Footwear. That's great because I am obsessed and I have a pair of BAITs on my feet probably 4 days a week! So we agree - BAIT Footwear is amazing! I find them incredibly comfortable and I have nearly every color of the rainbow at this point. I bought two pairs of their boots last winter to see how they stacked up to a Boston winter and they did not disappoint. I love that I can dress appropriately but not have to sacrifice looking cute. These two boots are my favorite!

A Very Valentine's Picnic with the Bernie Dexter Nicole Dress

I love my blog in February - so many fun Valentine's themed posts! I was pleased this post was a success. I love me some Bernie Dexter (though my wallet does not) and this dress is still one of my favorites! I have a few Nicole dresses (I made sure to stock up when Bernie confirmed she wouldn't be releasing any new Nicole dresses) and they're the BEST in the coldest months around Boston. Plus, the fact that the sleeves on these dresses are anything BUT restrictive is a downright miracle. I can windmill my arms round and round if I so please - and that's hard to find!

The Strawberry Sisters (ft. Kristina from Eyre Effect)

I was so happy to find this post in the top post slot for March! I shouldn't have been surprised - posing with this babe and one of my close friends, Kristina, is totally the reason for its success. I mean, look at her! Look at US! We're adorable in our coordinated strawberry outfits. I hope I get to visit her family again soon - so far, I've been able to do so twice in the past two years due to work trips in Seattle.  The best news is that Kristina hopes to make the trip my way this November for Cody's and my wedding. It will be amazing to have her there!

Chocolate Strawberry Pastry Braid

What? Sara makes yummy things and shares them on this blog? I know, I've slacked big time on the recipe front. In the first year or two, I was pretty strict with my sharing and tried to share an equal amount of style posts and recipe posts. Slowly, style took over my blog (not a bad thing) and the recipes got fewer and fewer in-between. I try to share one every few weeks -at LEAST one a month. It can be a bit time consuming to do a recipe post (not that style posts are EASY to capture - Lord no!) but they sure are fun to photograph and write about. Oh and fun to eat afterward.

This post clearly had your mouths watering because it's the only food post that made this round up! Clearly chocolate is the way to your hearts and if its wrapped in pillowy warm dough, it's even better!

Green Thumb (Mainline Coco Dungarees by Collectif)

PANTS! YOU LIKE ME IN PANTS! I do, too, when the pants in question are these Coco dungarees from Collectif. Collectif definitely became one of my favorite brands this year. I wear these dungarees at nearly every trade show I go to for the build up days. They're so comfortable for booth building! And it's not hard at all to cute them up with a headscarf, novelty print top, and adorable sneakers.

These (Kinky) Boots are Made for Walking: NYC

I'd REALLY like to think this post was the top post of June because you all love Brendon Urie as much as I do (man, he's so beautiful and he was SO good as Charlie!) and that you loved seeing all my snaps from my food adventure around NYC with Red but I know that's not the case. As delightful and fun as our Kinky Boots road trip was, this post also focused on one of the biggest things to happen to me not only this year but in my entire life - my car accident.

Like when I shared this post, I debated not including it here and choosing the 2nd top post, but I didn't want to omit it. I have no reason to. It was not the top post out of positivity (well, other than being positively relieved to be alive), but it was a top post nonetheless. It was such a truly terrifying night - one that I am more or less over but still think there's residual effects on how I view life and what I want out of it. It doesn't haunt me as much as it did throughout the summer, but every now and then I think about it and am just still baffled as to how I walked away from it in one piece.

Paved with Gold (Hip Zipper) AND Pain it Red (Happy Birthday to Me!)

I had a tie for July! In fact, when it comes to favorites, many of my favorite posts ever are from this month. It could be just coincidence, it could be a burst of inspiration after taking some time off post-accident in June. Either way, July rocked. The light at the end of the car accident tunnel was finding my replacement car, a 2017 brand new and golden yellow Nissan Juke and I celebrated with a photo shoot. Because of course I did.

My second top post of July? My birthday post featuring the AMAZING dress Anna made me for me! Covered in little gold mascara wands, this dress is one of my favorites. It fits me perfectly for one thing and these little sleeves are just dreamy! Anna also made me a dress for Christmas, which I am obsessed with as well. She has gotten so amazing at sewing - she created so many outfits for her soon-to-be-here baby girl (due in a few weeks!) as well as for herself over the past couple of years. I feel so honored to also be a recipient of her talent!

You Hold the Kiwi to My Heart (LindyBop)

One reason why I love doing these Best Of posts is that they remind me of my favorite outfits. This outfit featuring the kiwi printed Audrey dress from LindyBop? Definitely one of my favorites!  It makes me glad to see it was one of yours as well! Had a bit of a mod vibe to it, something I don't usually go for but I liked it and went for it! I definitely need to rock it more often - luckily, it'll be easy to wear all winter with a cardi and my trusty BAIT Footwear boots!

Little American Girl in Paris: We're Engaged!

Well, I cannot say I am surprised AT ALL that my top post for September - but also for the ENTIRE year (with the car accident in close second - hmm...) - was my Paris post in which I announced Cody's and my engagement. Like the car accident, it was DEFINITELY one of the biggest moments of my life but UNLIKE the car accident, it has been my HAPPIEST moment to date. You really can't describe the feeling of seeing the human you love more than anything in the world proposing. I had been waiting nearly 6 years for it and I was still unprepared.

We also had an AMAZING two days with Anna and Florian, exploring Paris and just enjoying being in the same vicinity of each other for a change. I was SO happy they were involved in the proposal. It meant the world to me and I know the only thing that will exceed that level of joy will be our actual wedding this November!

Man, now that I look back, 2017 was one roller coaster of a year! Damn. Life threatening car accident in June, surprise proposal in September...I don't know how my heart hasn't given up yet.

Happy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia!

I did a couple fun things this year for Halloween (which was ironic since we didn't do ANYTHING in real life besides stay home, order Chinese food, and watch the Saw movies in our pajamas) but my Amelia Bedelia was my favorite post in October. It was also my top post for October! I love pulling nostalgia from my childhood and bringing it back to life on this blog. It's such a fun way to get inspired and I certainly have fun coming up with cute costumes!

Heart of Haute Holiday Spirit!

I'm pleased to see that my first holiday-ish post was a favorite. I shared this in mid-November and while I admit, it was a BIT early for holiday outfits, when I got this buffalo plaid dress in the mail, I just HAD to style it for the holidays with a festive brooch. The bright red just SCREAMS Christmas. Turns out, buffalo plaid was IN this winter. It has been everywhere - I even got dresses in this fabric for Anna's baby to be and one of Cody's and my cousins. Very lumberjack chic, no?

Christmas Cookies: Mom's Peanut Butter Blossoms

Another post that makes me happy to see it make this list! Not just because it adds another food post to this roundup but because of the memories. My mother's famous Peanut Butter Blossoms were a must for Christmas - and it was the ONLY time she ever made them! We all pitched in - my sisters and I would each have a job and we'd listen to Christmas music while finishing them (Mariah Carey, most likely). What a fun post of wrap up this list with!

Thank you for a GREAT year, my peanuts!! It certainly wouldn't have been so great without you! I appreciate all of you for reading my blog, following my crazy adventures. It's so nice to have this little community of friends.