Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ice, Ice, Baby: Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH

This adventure was a year overdue. Maybe longer! I've been dying to visit the Ice Castles in New Hampshire for years and last year, as Cody and I were getting to know our now good friends, Jen (from Dressing with Class) and her hubby, Dave, we totally aimed to go on a mini road trip up to Lincoln, NH to do so.

Did we make it there? Somehow, no. We were all so busy that by the time we got around to making a plan, it was too last minute and tickets were sold out on the days we were available. Because, yes, this is the kind of attraction that sells out quick!

Mistake made, we knew to be better for 2018. So I signed up for the Ice Castles mailing list (yep, I went there!) and the day the tickets went on sale and they announced their opening day, I hopped online and snagged us some tickets.

Cody and I love the Lincoln, NH area. His family's favorite restaurant chain (Common Man) is from there and also nearby is the Woodstock Inn and Brewery, where we have visited and stayed one winter years ago (in 2014! Ah! That seems like ages ago!). It was a cozy Inn and a fun brewery to visit! Knowing this, a trip back up didn't seem like a bad thing at all!

So off we went - this past Saturday, we headed North, grabbing Dave and Jen on the way up. The hour and 45min car ride was a breeze. It makes it easy when the 4 of us can gab and gab for hours nonstop. So with the power combo of good conversation and tunes, we made our way to the Ice Castles.

We kinda knew we weren't going to shed too many layers for any actual outfit photos - though I did manage to pose for a few. It was 30 degrees F but with the tall walls of ice around us and the sun shining, it didn't feel too cold at all! Without any wind nipping at our noses, it was actually quite pleasant!

Not pleasant enough for Jen, apparently, who nearly knocked me over with her love and adoration as she embraced me for warmth...

Overall, the castles themselves were a bit, well, un-castle like. At least in my opinion, but the towering walls and tunnels made of ice were still pretty impressive. It was fun and challenging to photograph all the nooks and crannies and we had a lot of fun wandering and exploring - stopping for some funny photos along the way between dodging little kids and families trying to take photos. There was even an ice slide for kids as well as one for adults!

After about an hour in the castles, we were ready to move on (and hungry!) so we headed back in trhe direction of home and stopped at The Last Chair, a brewery and pub in Plymouth, NH and had some REALLY tasty food. I cheated on my vegan diet and had their mac and cheese (I blame my friend, PMS!) and I am glad I did. While I have managed to be 100% vegan in my daily life, I still cheat for an occasional bubbly dish of macaroni and cheese. It is and always will be my kryptonite!

We find entertainment everywhere we go, that's for sure...

 What a day! By the time we crossed back over the Massachusetts border, we were all ready for jammies and our designated couches - and it wasn't even 6pm yet! Still, the adventures (and memories!) make it all worth it.

Where ya at, John Snow? We're hanging at your wall...