Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Coffee Break (Tatyana Miranda Dress)

Do you ever think up an entire narrative in your head to go with your outfit as you get ready in the morning?

I definitely do from time to time when an outfit inspires one and this one certainly did.

So here's the story...

It's winter sometime before 1960 and unlike a lot of my friends who are becoming housewives to rich husbands, I work. I work down at the soda factory downtown, bottling and capping bottles for mass distribution. The floor is constantly either sticky or slippery so my trusty brown boots work much better than any heel.

This Tatyana flannel Miranda dress keeps me warm because you know it'd kill the owner to let us turn up the heat in the winter and yeah, the petticoat isn't practical for factory work but I can't help it. It's my pop of color.

I am supposed to turn in any defected bottles or caps but every once in awhile, if there's a unique looking cap in production and a dented one comes along, I slip it into my pocket so I can make a new bracelet, necklace, or other piece of jewelry with it. It's not quite the style you'd see in the fashion magazines these days, but I dig it.

Right now, it's break time. While the other gals and guys go huddle around the coffee machine with their cigarettes and pastries, I prefer to come outside for even just a moment or two of fresh air. Sure, it's freezing today (hello, gusty 20 degrees F!) but it's probably all the daylight I'll see before my shift is over.

Oh shoot - there's the bell. If I don't get back quick, someone is bound to snag my spot and I want my spot.

Everyone has their favorite spots on the line. Mine is capping.

Because this week, they released flashy new caps and mama needs a new brooch.