Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holly for Chanukah (Hell Bunny Holly Berry Skirt)

I know what you're thinking. You're doing a double-take, wondering, "Sara, haven't I seen this before?" Well, yes and no. Last week I shared Hell Bunny's Holly blouse and today I am sharing Hell Bunny's holly skirt!

Because what do you do when you can't decide which to get? YA GET BOTH!

That seems to be my mantra, anyway!

Probably not the most cost efficient mantra, but I digress...

I've been DYING to wear this skirt. I got it at Modern Millie's back in November. With all my winter/Christmas outfits, it just didn't get a chance to hit the rotation until last week, if you can believe it. I think I have a few too many holiday themed dresses/skirts...

I rocked it twice last week to make up for it. Once to work and then once over the weekend when I attended a Chanukah party with some of my relatives. Poor Cody woke up feeling pretty sick on Saturday and has been pretty down for the count since, missing the Chanukah party and other holiday festivities we had planned. As I write this he's snoring on the couch, now on antibiotics from his doctor. I'm hoping he kicks whatever it is in time for his birthday/Christmas fun!

Since my mother converted and got baptized Catholic over 5 years ago, my family doesn't really do much for the Jewish holidays anymore so it's fun when we do things with our extended family to honor these traditions. I also don't see many of them often so it's an even bigger treat when I get the chance to do so.

Hell Bunny also has this holly print in a dress but I am glad I got the separates instead. I love mixing solids and prints and having the print in a skirt makes that more fun/challenging. I can always throw a cardigan over a dress (which is adorable) but it's fun to pair different blouses with skirts covered in fun prints.

This burgundy blouse by Banned Apparel (their Dancing Days line) is the perfect match but I can see it with a green blouse as well.

And these shoes? Well, these shoes very well may be the shoes I wear for my wedding reception! I scored these Hippy shoes in cranberry red during BAIT Footwear's Black Friday sale and do plan to rock them for the reception portion of my wedding. I couldn't help myself, though, with all these holiday looks and had to wear them sooner. Could YOU resist wearing these cuties??

With Christmas around the corner, how do you decide what to wear for all these parties??

Every time I share a cheesecake style blinking shot blooper, I tell myself "never again." 
Then I go and attempt another one. 
Sigh. I never learn...