Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gingerbread & Holly (Hell Bunny & Erstwilder)

Ok so we've got like 2 weeks until the BEST day of the year. I am bit bias around this time of year. I love the 25th because not only is it Christmas, my favorite holiday, but it's the day that the funniest, sweetest, smartest, handsomest and most talented man ever to ask me to marry him was born! Yes! Cody's birthday is on Christmas. Again, I am a BIT biased here...

Cody's birthday aside - are you ready? Are you READY???? ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOST JOYOUS OCCASION OF THEM ALL??

Not that you will be surprised, but I SO AM! I've BEEN ready since LAST Christmas, peanuts!

My life is basically like the beginning of Elf, when Santa returns to the workshop and they're all toasting to another successful Christmas with their cups of milk and Santa announces "'s been another successful year. Now it's time to start preparations for NEXT CHRISTMAS!"

That is more or less how my day after Christmas goes.

Cody loves me. He REALLY does...I think/hope/pray.

Anyway - I cannot decide if this outfit screams Christmas genius or if it just looks like Christmas threw up on me. Either way, I am SO IN. And I was in luck this weekend for we woke up to snow on Saturday morning! I never got dressed for blog photos so fast in my entire life.


I remember last year we didn't get ANY snow until after Christmas and all my snow-less holiday outfit posts really ticked me off. So I took the opportunity for photos in the snow.

I have had this gingerbread skirt from ModCloth since last year and I wanted to bring it on back with this holly blouse by Hell Bunny and my new gingerbread man brooch from Ertswilder.  I got the brooch from Modern Millie's in Salem a few weeks back when I went shopping with Jen. We love visiting the shop when we can and we always treat ourselves to a few things while there.

I have wanted this brooch for awhile now but thought it was an older run and was no longer stocked anywhere (though, I admit I didn't look TOO hard for it). When I spotted it in Modern Millie's case, I knew it was my chance to make him mine. I mean, look at him! He's so cute and smiley despite the big ol' bite taken out of his head. I know I wouldn't be too happy...

As for this adorably festive blouse, I sized up and ordered a large. I knew it'd be constrictive due to it being made with a thin and silky polyester - no stretch or give with that! While it's a bit big on the waist and bust region, I am glad I grabbed a large instead of medium - the buttons would definitely gape and the shoulders/sleeves would have been impossible in a medium.

Anyway, the fun with Modern Millie's and Jen didn't end there for we returned to the shop last Friday for their annual holiday party. We were excited they planned it for a Friday evening and we made sure we made our way up to Salem to celebrate with their wonderful team. All the ladies we hang out with when we visit are so extremely kind and fun. It's like shopping with friends!

The party was so much fun - they had snacks and even some wine and the shop was all aglow with shoppers and holiday spirit. I was so glad we were able to make it. Jen found a beautiful Unique Vintage dress that she'd typically never think to go for and I snagged a plaid Retrolicious skirt. I am getting quite fond of plaids lately - something new for me!

Do you have any holiday parties to attend in the coming weeks? If so, what fun outfit will you wear??