Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Auld Lang Syne (Vanessa Dress by Lady V London)

A couple weeks before Christmas, my girl Lindsey over at Have Clothes, Will Travel shared a New Year's Eve outfit post and suddenly, I new I needed a NYE themed post myself. It is such an obvious outfit to plan - a fancy smancy look to bring in the New Year. Except, with all my Christmas excitement, I never even consider doing a NYE post.

It also might be because Cody and I are usually at home, in our jammies, snugged up on the couch with Chinese food and cheap champagne while we watch whatever show we're binging on Hulu or Netflix. Real glamorous, right?

Well, Lindsey inspired me to FINALLY share a NYE look and I made sure to add it to my schedule. And here we are! A couple days after Christmas and just a few days before the big countdown and I am here to share what I believe to be the perfect New Year's Eve dress!

Lady V London is hands down one of my favorite brands these days. I discovered them a couple years ago and my wardrobe is slowly becoming a LVL shop with all the dresses I am ordering from them. Not only are their garments made really well (all while being pretty affordable!), but their prints are always super cute, their florals are always extremely pretty, and their sizing fits me extremely well - and that's saying something!

While I have been a struggling "in-betweenie" with most brands these days, Lady V still fits me perfectly. I am always a UK12, no questions asked, and every dress I get fits me almost perfectly!

I am starting to think I need to stick with UK/European brands. Their clothes just seem to fit me better than American brands - weird isn't it? But in brands like Lady V London, LindyBop, and Collectif I am always a perfect UK12 and never have an issue with fit. Hmm...

I died inside of happiness at the perfection that is their Elsie dress and because of how GOOD that dress made me feel when I bought it before my big European adventure, when Lady V London offered to send me a dress to style, I had to try the similarly styled Vanessa dress.

What intrigued me about this dress was the fabric and colors. I usually go for anything FULL of color with loud patterns. Something subtle and delicate like this Pearl Blush print would normally get looked over by me. Yet, when I spotted it, I was inspired. It has such a romantic vibe to it - certainly a great NYE match!

I am glad I tried something new! While not as perfect as the Elsie (this cut does not have the same draping at the hip as Elsie does, a detail I miss in the Vanessa!), it does fit me very well and it is easily a dress for a fancy occasion.

With minimal styling required with just a string of pearls, the dress screams champagne and glitter. All it needs is a sparkly NYE crown or blow horn!

What kind of New Year's Eve celebrator are you - couch potato or countdown cocktail party queen?

The Vanessa dress was sent to me by Lady V London in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.