Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Very Merry Christmas (LindyBop)

I know Christmas is still 4 days away but I will not be posting on the actual holiday so today it will be!


Hopefully, like me, you all spend the day off the interwebs and do something relaxing and satisfactory - whether that is spending time with family and friends or lounging around in sweatpants eating ice cream straight out of the pint.

I will admit I have had my eye on these twin sets from LindyBop for over a year (I mean, look at all the colors it comes in!). I love a good dress and jacket set. At first, I drooled over the Maybelle wiggle dress version. I always came THISCLOSE to ordering but never pulled the trigger because of FORS (Fear of Restricted Sleeves - can we make this a thing??).

Then LindyBop released Marianne, the swing version, and my heart ached even more for one. They are so dang cute!

Still, I resisted. Then they released the dresses in red and I DIED on the inside. I was going to die from FORS and no one could do a thing about it!

It was when LindyBop threw their huge sale for Black Friday that I finally decided that no, I was NOT going to be defeated by FORS and I would risk it all to try the twin set of my dreams - the Marianne in burgundy red.

I went with my usual size medium (UK12) knowing the dress would sure fit perfectly. The jacket was another story. I was taking a risk not sizing up. If only you could order two different sizes - I'd be down for that!

As I waited for it to arrive, I was tortured. I kept wondering if I should have sized up to a large (UK14) to make sure the jacket fit. After all, the dress would be under the jacket. If it was a bit big, would it matter?

In the end, I am glad I went with the medium. The dress certainly DOES fit perfectly! It fits me like a glove bit with just enough give due to the ever-so-slightly stretchy jacquard material - just the way I like it! Perfect for Christmas feasting!!

As for the jacket, it's not perfect. The sleeves are a bit snug but not impossibly so - I'd say my FORS wasn't necessary but I was accurate in expecting the sleeves to be restrictive. I can move around fairly well - I mean, I won't be performing a guitar solo or doing any windmill motions, but I can live my life decently in the jacket.

If the custom sizing was possible, I think the fit overall would be total and utter PERFECTION. A large (UK14) jacket would have probably been right on the target on me. Maybe we can hope for that option in the future?

Funny enough, what bothers me more than the fit of the sleeves is the quality of the buttons. They're strangely loud. I know, weird, huh? But whatever is beneath the fabric covering clanks about like you'd never believe. I am sure it's just cheap plastic and it's a shame but it's nothing that will prevent me from wearing it.

Anyway! I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Cody and I have been lucky in that our families are pretty compatible with their preferences for the day and we avoid all the holiday drama and craziness.

We start at Cody's parents' house in the morning for breakfast and gifts. This works perfectly since my parents go to church on Christmas morning. We then head to my parents' house in the afternoon for gifts and a big Italian dinner there. It works out pretty well all by itself!

Now, off to finish wrapping all the Christmas gifts...