Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Paved with Gold (Hip Zipper)

I've had this beautiful vintage dress since May and it has been sitting in my closet, waiting for its moment to shine, since.

Funny how that works. I thought I had a solid plan for this dress's photo shoot but it kept getting delayed in my scheduling and I just never got around to shooting it. Then I found myself having to replace my car, all my plans changed, and this dress got pushed further down the list!

When the seemingly endless car shopping finally ended (with just one breakdown!) and I found my new set of wheels, I laughed and joked that I wanted to have a photo shoot with it - sort of like you do to announce the birth of your child. Then I remembered the vintage dress waiting in the wings and suddenly, I knew what I had to do.

Is it a coincidence or fate that the car I found matches the vintage dress PERFECTLY?

I'll let you decide...

In the meantime, let me introduce you to my new baby, Nugget! Nugget is a 2017 Nissan Juke and while my old 2012 Juke, Betty, will forever be missed, Nugget is quite the adorable whip and I am quite infatuated with the color and new details that have been added since my last car's purchase.

I was originally looking for a red Juke (or really just something other than black, white, or gray). It was harder than I expected, though, and I started to think I wouldn't find one that fit the bill! Then I stumbled upon this Solar Yellow Juke at the last place I looked (very similarly to how I stumbled upon finding the blue one!) and fell in love. I actually never knew Jukes came in yellow!

We were able to work out a deal a few days later and once I got the check from my insurance company for my totaled car, I signed the paperwork and brought her home.

Fun fact: I ordered a new set of car lashes before I even knew what car I'd actually end up with because, well, duh, any car of mine has to have lashes!

Obviously, the new car speaks for itself - the dress, however, does not! So let's give her some time in the spotlight, shall we?

I snagged this gray and yellow number in May while in Nashville for the Nashville Boogie. Bristol and I spent the Saturday of our trip finding as many local vintage shops as we could before we had to part ways and one of our stops (as well as our best stop, in my opinion!) was the Hip Zipper.

Bristol scored her very first vintage dress there (I felt like a proud mama as she tried it on!) and I scored this dress as well as a couple button down blouses. They had such reasonable pricing there and as I have said before, Nashville seemed to have a much better variety of sizes all around! I still cannot get over how much I was able to find for myself while there!

I love the style and details of this dress. From the big buttons to the texture of the fabric, it's just precious. While the dark gray is different for me, I love the pop of yellow on the side and how the dress seems to have 2 sides - a serious side and a fun side. Hmm, sounds a bit like me!

So, peanuts, what are you driving these days? Does your car have a name and personality like mine?


  1. WOW! I seriously LOVE this dress on you! Of course you're right, this is the perfect outfit next to your shiny, bright new car! I definitely approve of the color of you new car!! :) Someday I'll have a brightly colored car. Naturally you ordered the lashes before you even had the car, ha! How could you not??

  2. YESSSSSSSS!! That dress couldn't be any more perfect for a photoshoot with your wonderful new car! I absolutely love both.

    And how funny that we're both writing about our cars today! Once again, great minds think alike 😘😘!

  3. How adorable are you two? I just got a new to me 2009 orange fit in December. I shopped for months but had more than one breakdown, car shopping is hard. The day my Jetta died I just happened to find the perfect car with the perfect mileage (under 25k), and my dream color, it must have been fate. I bought her the following Monday. I always get funny looks when people see me get in or out of her because I have neon orange in my hair and I almost always wear something orange or have orange nails/lips.

    1. LOVE that story! Our cars are totally our best friends when you think about it. Haha I totally personify my large purchases ;)

      People look at my car as well and yes, probably me when I am in my daily getup but honestly, I think most are admiring our guts! They sure can't pull off these bright colors! We're rocking them!!

  4. I seriously love everything about this post! The cute car, the adorable dress, and of course you needed car lashes in advance!

  5. I love the dress and that car, I love the yellow colour! It's so wonderful they both match so well together! :)

  6. The car, the dress and the shoes!!! AMAZING!!! I'm so glad that you found a car that you love x

  7. AH she's so cute and you look AMAZING. Whoa. That dress is perfection. I adore the design of it. And your new lil' Juke is just darling. She looks like the perfect new mode of stylish transport for you!

  8. Where did you grt the lashes???? I have a 2016 yellow juke that i got brand new a few years ago. Her name is lily and she is a stinger edition ao she has the black spoiler, mirrors, and wheels with the yellow and black interior 🖤🖤

    1. Awesome!!!! Jukes are the best!! It's real easy - www.carlashes.com! I LOVE my car lashes, they make everyone smile! I also decorate Nugget for holidays - she has bunny ears, a bunny nose, and easter egg magents on her right now. I get all that off amazon. And I ADORE wipertagstore.com for fun holiday-themed decals for the back wiper