Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Paint it Red (Happy Birthday to Me!)

Who has the best long-distance romance/friendship in the world? I DO, I DO!

You all know about my obsession with my friend, Anna, from across the pond in Germany by now and you may even recall seeing my beautiful Christmas gift from her back in December on this very blog! Well, my peanuts, she has done it again!

For my birthday, she sent me this AMAZING red dress covered in gold mascara tubes and wands she made herself.

<<Insert record scratching noise here!!!>>

YES! Anna totally made this dress for little ol' me! I received it about a month ago, to be honest, and I had planned to save it and open it today, on my actual birthday, but it coincidentally arrived the day after my car accident and Anna gave me special permission to open the dress early...I guess as a reward for not dying?!

Hot damn is she getting GOOD at this sewing thing! I pulled it on, still in awe, and upon zipping it, was beside myself with surprise. It fits me PERFECTLY. How the heck did she nail the measurements so damn well? Magic, I tell you.

There's a teeny bit of room in the waist, making this dress super comfortable, and I cannot believe the bust and shoulders fit me so well. Not to mention, these sleeves?! These adorable and precious short sleeves fit my chubby uppers and aren't tight at all! I've got room to groove, baby!

In her defense, I did send her all my measurements (arms, bust, shoulders, waist, torso length, etc.) but still - you can never guarantee things are accurate and I am so used to things being too long for my waist or big in the shoulders.

Clearly, I need to stop spending my money with actual online shops and simply work out an agreement with Anna. I'll be sending all my paychecks to her bank account from this point forward, mmmk?

What I love about this dress - other than the fact that it's my favorite color, RED - is how subtle the print is! From afar, the gold details almost look like some kind of abstract stripes or brush strokes. But if you look close, they are actually mascara wands and mascara tubes! So cute!!

Bernie Dexter used similar fabric in recent years with a white background and colorful mascara tubes. I liked it but wasn't in love. It was totally meant to be as the red and gold version is SO much more up my alley!

Thank you, Anna, for my amazing new dress! I DEMAND ALL THE DRESSES NOW!

As for my birthday, I am not a huge fan of my own birthday. Others' birthdays? Count me in! But my own? Meh can we just skip over it and go back to normal everyday life? I just have more fun celebrating others than myself.

Regardless, Cody worked from home today and we plan to head into Boston for the evening. I never have enough seafood during the summer (even though I swear to every year!) and we both love a restaurant called The Barking Crab in the Seaport area of the city so we plan to have some fun over crabs and clams and maybe grab a drink somewhere along the way.

Easy, small, and just the two of it - just the way I prefer to spend my birthday!