Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sweet Retreat: The Goo Goo Shop in Nashville, TN

While in Nashville, we had a few places we knew we wanted to visit on our list. One of the first ones on my list was the Goo Goo Shop. The moment I learned they had a store front in Nashville, I knew we would visit, have a snack, and snap some photos for the blog.

Have you ever had a Goo Goo Cluster? I am learning they are not as widely known as I believed. While they are apparently mostly a southern treat, I grew up with them (well, at least from teenage years on). My parents always put Goo Goo Clusters in our stockings along with other classic candy.

Because of that, I have always liked me a good Goo Goo Cluster. I couldn't wait to visit the shop and stock up on yummy treats and have a snack in their dessert bar - my kind of bar, if you ask me!

The Goo Goo Cluster was created in 1912 and believed to be named Goo Goo because they were so good, you ask for them by name right from birth! Clever, clever! They also marketed Goo Goo Clusters as a nourishing lunch for just 5 cents.

Back in the Depression, all chocolate/candy bars were seen as sustenance that could help keep you full during the day and since the Goo Goo Cluster had so many ingredients combined (peanuts, chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow nougat), it was REALLY considered a meal. Laughable now but back then, it did the trick with not much else around!

Conveniently, when Cody and I walked up to the Johnny Cash museum on our first day in Nashville, we spotted the Goo Goo Shop right across the street. Perfect! After we spent some time in the museum and had some BBQ for lunch, we headed straight for the Goo Goo Shop.

The shop smells amaaaazzzing when you walk in - and it really should as staff are right in the back of the shop making all kinds of yummy treats! It's heavenly and fun to observe!

We browsed the shop, read about the history of the candy, threw some goodies into our shopping basket, and then went to the dessert bar in the back of the shop for a treat. We both got milkshakes - Cody got a Salty Southerner (a salted caramel and vanilla shake) and I went with the Original Shake, which was essentially the milkshake version of an actual Goo Goo Cluster (chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, marshmallows, and peanuts all blended together).

I loved the shop - it was so retro and bright. I loved the red booths and vintage style tables. It was definitely my kind of place! There was SO much construction going on right outside (the street was even closed to traffic), which made it impossible to snap more photos outside like I wanted to but oh well! It was a delicious visit nonetheless!

I ended up getting a magnet to add to my collection as well as a collector's tin covered in vintage Goo Goo Cluster ads and filled with a variety of Goo Goos! It is just so cute! I may just use the tin as decoration when it's empty - or it may end up being a cute hair scarf holder! We'll see where it ends up.

Have you ever had a Goo Goo Cluster? If not, do you have a classic candy you crave?