Thursday, June 8, 2017

Resale Therapy @ Nashville Boogie

This dress was fate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you probably think I tell myself that every time I add a new dress to my online shopping cart, but this time I really mean it!

It was as though it was made for me. Sure, it IS a handmade dress but it certainly wasn't made with me in mind. However, it fits as though it were! Read on, my peanuts...

I purchased this dress from a sweetheart of a woman named Lori, a vendor at the Nashville Boogie, after spotting it in her booth nestled in among other vintage treasures (her vintage goods go by the name of Resale Therapy). As I pulled it from the rack and fell in love, she approached me and revealed that it was a dress she actually made herself!

Well, color me amazed!

The dress is SO well made with quite impeccable details (the white collar and trim get me every time, the perfectly purple buttons to match the unique floral fabric, and let's not forget the little cuffs on the sleeves!). It's a beautiful dress for sure! And I snagged it right up!

I was extremely impressed as she told me the story about how she followed a vintage pattern and opted to make it on the bigger side. I was pleased as it matched my measurements almost exactly!

We joked that it was meant to be as she rung me up for the dress (see? It really WAS fate!) and then we exchanged cards. I gave her one for my blog so she could keep an eye out for this very post (Hi, Lori!) and she gave me one with her contact info on it.

Lori also showed me a pattern she is hoping to take a stab at next - an adorable vintage romper play-set that comes with a matching swing skirt to go over it. She told me to be in touch and that perhaps she could make one for me!

I am already daydreaming of the possibilities...

Before I left her booth, I encouraged her to look into getting an Etsy shop or some online presence. Because, seriously! If she keeps making dresses as beautiful as this one, she could make bank selling them online to gals all over the globe!

Retro gals all over would drool! She also had such a great selection of vintage - as well as a selection of homemade hot sauces that her hubby creates. They truly were a dynamic duo!