Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Give Me Some of That Luau Luck

Hi, my little peanuts! I am still here and kicking! Blogging has definitely taken a back burner these past few weeks due to the accident and work but I am hoping to get back on track in the coming weeks.

The week after my car accident, I took off for Austin for a conference. I was not excited to be there among all the stress that has suddenly fallen into my lap but it actually worked out OK seeing as my insurance company was doing its thing and all I could do was wait for updates anyway.

Now I am back from Austin and doing the one thing I had no intention on doing for a long time - car shopping. Everyone is telling me to have fun with it and see it as an opportunity but they don't get it. I simply have NO desire to get a new car. I don't want a new car. I wanted my car.

Cody and I spent the weekend hopping from dealership to dealership, hunting down Nissan Jukes. While there are new Jukes everywhere we go (though they have discontinued them after 2017 so there's slim pickin's) they are all black, silver, or white. Am I being picky? Sure, but I have zero desire to get a boring color car. My perfect car was taken from me - I think I deserve the right to be picky.

Then I found a bright red used Juke at a dealership one town over. I won't lie, I got my hopes up. It was exactly what I wanted and for a great price. We woke up on Sunday, got dressed, and went right to the dealership.

Only to be told it had sold the day before.

Have you ever cried in the middle of a car dealership? I can now say that I have. I couldn't help it. This was not in my plans for the summer and it has not been fun trying to figure out what to do about replacing my car.

Luckily, the salesman was in the back getting the keys to another Juke they did have on the lot so I could blubber in semi-privacy at his desk with Cody trying to console me. Back at home, I did the only thing I know how to do when I feel crappy - bake! I whipped up my Mom's banana bread and tried to enjoy the remainder of my weekend.

In-between disappointing dealership visits, though, Cody and I did have some fun. We attended our first summer party on Saturday evening - a luau/pig roast for, our friend, Ben's birthday. Obviously, I had to dress appropriately!

This bright and adorable vintage dress fit the bill! I scored it for only $30 on a Facebook BST group before my trip to Austin and it was a perfect match for my supersized lily hair flower.

How was everyone else's weekend? Did you enjoy any summer activities?