Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bernie Dexter About (Bean) Town

Know what's funny? Cody and I live only 40 minutes outside of Boston but we hardly ever spend time there. We know the city decently but we really only go into the city for concerts or specific activities. We don't typically decide to head in for the day and see where it takes us.

Not really sure why now that we spent a day around Boston with my gal, Jen, from Dressing with Class along with her hubby, Dave (well, ok I kind of know why - traffic and parking SUCKS here!!). We've hung out quite a bit with these two ever since meeting for the first time last fall and they've definitely become close friends to us.

We met Jen and Dave at their apartment in Billerica and then hopped into their car for the rest of the way to the city. We checked out the POPnology exhibit at the Museum of Science first before exploring the city for the rest of the afternoon.

The POPnology exhibit was cool - I thought it'd be a bit larger and more involved for a special exhibit but it was still really cool to see. It was full of robots and technology from the past (the DeLorean and other items were there from Back to the Future, plenty of Star Wars relics, etc.) as well as other interactive robotic items from present time, looking into the future.

After our fun at the museum, we wandered around with ice cream in mind and had our dessert before our dinner. I discovered a magical flavor combo of banana and cookies & creme at JP Licks and am forever changed.

We then headed over to Roxy's Grilled Cheese (a growing company here in the city that started with a food truck and now has 4 brick and mortar locations in the area!), where we entered a retro arcade style bar via a secret back door (the door looks like a commercial/kitchen fridge door) and had some fruity cocktails and ridiculously good tater tots covered in bacon and cheese. We then played some some classic arcade games like Skee Ball and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before heading across the street to Naco Taco for - you guessed it! - guacamole and tacos!!

Let's face it - the best adventures involve food..and lots of it!

In between all these stops we made sure to take a ton of photos!! I feel like we snapped a few almost everywhere along the way: from the T station, a vine-covered wall on the side of the road, to the best find of the day - Graffiti Alley!

This alleyway is absolutely COVERED in all kinds of graffiti (from ground to skylight) and is constantly being added to by local artists. In fact, we had to be careful where we placed our hands. Some recently added pieces were sticky or still wet!

Honestly, with my overly colorful outfit (scored this bad boy for only $50 during Bernie Dexter's recent Last Chance sale! Total score!), it was hard to find the PERFECT spot to do it justice, but finding this alley was like fate. What better way to showcase an abundance of color than with even MORE color? Lord knows I am not afraid of a little color (or a lot of color, in this case)!

Be sure to keep an eye on Jen's blog for images of her outfit. She looked super cute in a fun cityscape border printed skirt from LindyBop! We didn't coordinate outfits this time and couldn't be more opposite of each other if we tried in our looks (we joked that we couldn't have CLASHED more but that's just ridiculous), but we still had to snap a few together to commemorate another successful adventure together!