Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Strawberry Picking

When I wore this outfit, I thought of two people - Bristol and Kristina. For two completely different reasons!

I thought of Bristol because not only did I get this vintage gingham dress at the Nashville Boogie but it was a dress she tried on herself but didn't purchase. Is it bad that the moment I saw it over her arm as part of her reject pile, I snagged it for myself?

I thought of Kristina because if there's anyone who loves a good strawberry theme, it's that girl. In fact, I felt very much like her in my vintage dress, strawberry purse, and matching strawberry brooch. It brought be back to March, when we posed in our matching strawberry outfits. What can I say, we both love a good theme.

This is one of many vintage dresses I scored in Nashville. I was impressed with the vintage selection Nashville had to offer. I wrote about it last week a little but I'm still astounded by how much variety there was in each vendor booth and shop we visited. I am so used to shopping vintage and finding two frustrating things - either all of the dresses fit up to a 27" waist and no wider or the prices are $100 and up.


Not in Nashville! I found so much that fit a gal with a 29" waist and up with such fair prices. I may have gone a bit crazy! It was nice. Perhaps it's a regional thing? I may never know. Either way, I will always recall the time I made out like a vintage lovin' bandit in Nashville.

Do you ever think of people you love when you wear certain things? I tend to tie memories to things like smells or food or clothing. I love wearing something or using something and smiling at a good memory or remembering a friend or loved one.

I tend to be sentimental. It's why I also can't let go of the quilt my aunt made for my crib when I was a baby (she made one for my sisters, too, and we all still have them and use them, despite the fact that they've seen MUCH better days - they're small but they're perfect for summer! We all use them over our top sheets when it gets hot). Cody makes fun of me, threatens to throw it out, but he knows if he lays a finger on my Mickey...

Why do I call it my Mickey? Not totally sure - I think I recall hearing that my older sister, Tory, called it that when she was little. She didn't know the word "blanket" and well, I guess she knew "Mickey" better? Meh. Kids.

Tell me I am not the only one. Who did you think of when you got dressed today?