Thursday, May 4, 2017

Roadside Circus (Inger-Rose Dress from Miss Candyfloss)

If you're anything like me, you've been drooling all over your keyboard ever since Miss Candyfloss released their look book for the new Housewife collection a couple months back. With every glimpse at the new dresses to come, my eyes grew wider and wider in awe. Can you find a more beautiful collection out there right now? I'd argue that you can't!

Miss Candyfloss creates extremely beautiful garments and is located in Sweden. They have been in the retro game since 2009 and put incredible care in making sure their clothing is well made, created with beautiful fabrics, and flatter a woman's figure.

I have admired them for the past couple years, originally discovering them on Miss Victory Violet's blog (is there anyone better to rock their dresses than Ella? I think not!) and have been admiring their ability to match colors together as if by magic (a couple of my favorite color combos from past collections were mustard + turquoise and also turquoise + magenta) while creating some beautifully structured designs ever since.

Fun fact - did you know that Miss Victory Violet herself helped design a couple dresses with Miss Candyfloss recently? They were a colorful tartan dream and I drooled even more. Let's face it - everything Miss Candyfloss releases is pure gold!

All this gushing meant I jumped for joy when Miss Candyfloss offered to send me a dress from their new Housewife collection to review on my blog. It didn't take long for me to select which dress I wished to receive - no, it actually took FOREVER! How could I choose with so many beautiful options? In the end, I knew I had to stick with what I knew. My little peanuts, if there is one color I know well, it's the color RED!

Noemi from Miss Candyfloss was such a doll and worked to ensure I got the Inger-Rose Lovely Housewife Inspired Dress in red in the right size. Going by the size chart, the medium would be best for my measurements with it's almost 38" bust and 29.5" waist. It's a good thing Noemi had my back for she measured the dress and instead of the medium, sent me the small! The dress has some stretch but definitely runs a bit big with a 36" bust and 30" waist so she was spot on in her decision to size me down to a small!

The Inger-Rose fits like a glove! I put it on and when Cody first saw me in it, I swear he had a moment of lost words before complimenting me and saying the dress looked great on me. Nothing like seeing your man have a loss for words when you walk into the room!

It truly does fit me well and it feels oh so lovely. The material is butter soft and to my surprise, was pulled on over my head with ease. The side zipper is extra long, making it so much easier to pull on than most dresses. The working buttons in front help as well.

Seriously, can I just live in this beauty?

Also, side note on the location for these photos. This exists only a half hour from my house and it's called Pony Henge. It's quite the strange place, located on a back road near some farms. Yep, this circle of Rocking Horses exists and apparently it's quite the mystery in the area. It started as one and then over time more horses were added to the collection.

Right now they horses are in a circle, facing inward as if part of a semi-creepy circus act (hence my style theme for this dress and post), but every so often their arrangement changes and no one knows who does it! It gives me the heebie geebies a bit but it's also just so cool as well. It's my goal now to find more intriguing landmarks in my state this summer so stay tuned!

The Inger-Rose dress was sent to me by Miss Candyfloss in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.