Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Thumb (Mainline Coco Dungarees by Collectif)

I have to start off by admitting that I did NOT think these Coco dungaree overalls from Collectif would see the light of day never mind a feature on this blog. I ordered them while thinking "why are you spending money on these when you've been doing so well trying NOT to spend money? You know they probably won't fit right and will just end up looking like Mom jeans or not fitting your strangely proportioned body..."

Because typically, if I even CONSIDER stepping out of my comfort zone and what is familiar, it becomes disastrous. But when I saw the lovely Nora Finds rocking them to pieces on her blog a few weeks back, I kinda had to have them!

So I ordered them, already preparing myself to try them on, hate them, and either return them or resell them on one of the BST groups on Facebook. They arrived just before my Las Vegas trip 2 of 3 last week and I tried them on before packing just for kicks. Hey, if they looked cute somehow, they'd make for a cute booth setup outfit when I got to Vegas.

On they went! I fastened the buckles, zipped up the side, rolled up the pant legs, and immediately thought (to my surprise), "Ohhhh hold up, these feel really good..."

Then I stepped in front of my mirror and thought (to my even bigger surprise), "Oh hang ON! These don't look half bad!"

Because, are you kidding me? How cute are these overalls? I mean, they're not perfect (brutal honesty time - I am always oh so aware of the dreaded camel toe in jeans and these are a little guilty of causing it but not enough that I can't adjust to remedy it!) but they're not as unflattering as I imagined.

I thought for sure my belly (brought to you by pasta and donuts) would be on display and I'd just look like a new mom-to-be going on 5 months preggo, but HALLELUJAH! I looked - dare I say it? - CUTE!

I brought these with me to Vegas and they were so comfortable during booth setup that I wore them for both setup days! These are TOTALLY my new setup uniform when I travel to shows. I was lifting boxes, setting up kiosks, and running around the convention center in total comfort (no pulling up jeans every two seconds) and looked cute to boot!

Below are some snapshots of our booth getting put up and unpacked followed by the finished product. It's fun to share this part of a trade show - people don't get to see it often!

Now that the show is over, I am RELIEVED! It was a biggie, with 273 meetings booked beforehand, 2 lunch events, 1 customer dinner, 1 booth happy hour, and then some!

It was a huge task and while I am proud of what we accomplished, I am also extremely happy it is now over.

I leave for Las Vegas trip 3 of 3 this weekend - I just can't stay home for long! - and I am hoping to get a few hours to myself so I can do a little shopping at Tatyana. It's become a yearly tradition - how can I NOT??

Also, before I go, I owe a BIG shoutout to Cody - who has been taking my photos for me the last couple of weeks after my wireless remote transmitter stopped working for me. I have a new one on the way (ouchy, my wallet) and am hoping to be back in self-service starting once I come back from my last Vegas trip next week! He's too good to me, I swear <3