Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shake It (featuring Kristina from The Eyre Effect)

Before you get all kinds of excited - no, I am NOT once again in Seattle. I mean, funny enough, I am once again in Las Vegas as this post goes live, but sadly, it doesn't end with taking photos with Kristina of The Eyre Effect again.

No, my peanuts, these photos are simply from my visit in March, saved up to be shared with you today. They're a fun bunch, so be warned. There may even be some fun bloopers at the end because CLEARLY we weren't taking ourselves all too seriously this time around.

I suppose that is what happens when you try to cram multiple photo shoots into one afternoon!

Coincidentally, Kristina and I both received and blogged these milkshake themed delights before my trip to Seattle came to fruition. While we hate to be repeat offenders so soon on the blog, we knew we had to style the items together while I was there. I mean, how could we NOT?

I loved that while both from Dangerfield (though we each scored them gently used on the BST groups we are a part of on Facebook), Kristina is rocking a skirt and mine is a dress. It allowed us to put our own spin on the outfits while still matching JUST enough.

As we posed, it reminded me a lot of when Anna and I met in Amsterdam for the first time in our matching Poppy Bernie Dexter dresses - both of the same fabric but created in two different styles. The same but different!

So what have I been up to in Las Vegas, you ask? Well, before you go making jokes about how TOUGH my job is, having 3 trips to Vegas between March and May, let me give you a little reality check. I enjoy Vegas' warmth and sunshine - on my walk from the airport to my rental car, and from the rental car to my hotel. Then, not so much at all until I leave.

In the trade show world, that's pretty normal. Either the show takes place in the hotel I am staying in and I don't leave the damn place for days one end (it can be scary) or it's in a convention hall down the strip but I just drive back and forth for days in zombie mode (usually I arrive to the show floor to open my booth by 8am or 9am and don't leave until the show closes for the day and everything is cleaned up and locked up around 5pm or 6pm).

Trust me, after a day in the booth running around like a crazy lady, the last thing I want to do is go have "fun" on the strip. It's dinner, a little bit of answering emails and doing work I have been ignoring all day, and then TO BED! I don't even glance at social media until I am half asleep under the covers.

I joke that trade show people are the only people who are in Vegas multiple times a year and are in bed by 10pm each night they're there. It's SO true!

I am proud and happy this show is finally happening. Not only is it our biggest, it's the first time I am running the show for my division on my own. With 270 meetings scheduled to happen in the 5 rooms we have in out 40x40 booth and over 4 customer events, it was daunting and it has been a challenging few months planning and getting everything ready so as this post goes live, I am one exhausted and relieved but also very proud and satisfied chica.

Or if it all went to shit, I am quite possible rocking myself in a corner, muttering nonsense.

Maybe someone should text me and check in on me to find out?

Happy Birthday to this dollface, by the way! I LOVE YOU, GIRLFRIEND!

Seriously, who even allows us to have these blogs?!?