Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Retroversible Redux (Julie Mollo)

I have been waiting oh so patiently for the Spring weather to come so I could wear this outfit. I snagged the vintage cotton button down top from a vintage BST group on Facebook back when it was still too cold for bare arms and knew it would be a dream paired with my Julie Mollo retroversible skirt.

The day finally came this past Easter weekend. After a week of beautiful sunny 60 degree F weather, we had a hot Easter Sunday. It hit 86 degrees F! I couldn't think of a more appropriate day to wear pastels like yellow, blue, and pink. It was truly meant to be!

While this retroversbile skirt is an older design from Julie Mollo, she still makes skirts that can be reversed. I now have two and love the both  - I mean, how great is this concept? I paid for 2 skirts but I really have 4 to wear!

You've seen me rock my second skirt many a times - either on its solid lilac side or purple/white gingham side! And you probably thought they were two different skirts...

So funny story about the backdrop in these photos. These HUGE rain water collecting containers appeared on a lot off a busy road on the way to my parents' house a little after the winter holidays. I'd drive by them on my way to visit the family and always thought it'd be a cool place for photos. I love me some juxtaposition and even more so when the backdrop contrasts the subject matter.

Every time I'd drive past, I'd think to myself, "next time I have a blue and yellow outfit to shoot, I'll stop by here on my way to Mom and Dad's..."

Well, it happened! The Easter weather, my new vintage top, and my destination on the holiday all worked together so that I could finally shoot there. I have to say the odds were in my favor.

The bummer of the story is that I am currently having trouble with my remote shutter and transmitter on my camera. I hope I can figure out why it randomly stopped working - I have a feeling it's the camera since the remote will focus the camera but it won't actually activate the shutter.

Luckily, Cody came along to my parents' house for Easter fun and he kindly helped me out and snapped these photos for me on our way back home as the sun was finally starting to go down.

He actually has gotten quite good at taking my photos but it's not something he gets excited to do. I certainly don't like inconveniencing him either. Hopefully, between Cody and myself, we can sort out what is going on with my remote so I won't have to bother him for more photos!

How was your Easter weekend? Did you spend it with family? Or were you with the lovely ladies (and gents) in Las Vegas for Viva? So jealous...

This blooper brought to you by...glasses. They can't ever just stay put.